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Magic biological battery allows you to charge your mobile phone with your body

When we exercise in the gym, our body will sweat a lot. At this time, the sweat will bring out some useful substances in our body. Today, we introduce the magic battery to use these magic energy bodies in sweat to charge mobile phones. It is simply the first choice for men and women in the gym.

This magical battery is called a biological battery, and it is charged by lactic acid in sweat. Speaking of this, we may still be confused. Let's take a look at how lactic acid generates electricity.

As we all know, lactic acid in our body contains electrons. If we can extract these electrons by some means, we can charge our equipment.

Scientists in California, the inventor, said they first wanted to design a portable lactic acid monitor, but they didn't expect to invent this magical biological battery.

The American Chemical Society report said: 'this is the first device to use sweat. Now the energy is not high enough. It's only four megawatts. We're upgrading to drive small electronic devices. '

They use an enzyme to extract electrons from lactic acid, and then they generate a weak current. What's the advantage of generating electricity by human body?

A volunteer wore the tattoo and exercised, eventually generating 70 microwatts of electricity across a 1-square-centimeter skin surface. Dr. Jia said that the human body has its advantages in generating electricity, such as being safer, not leaking electricity and exploding, and can be faster.