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IOS 8 is about to arrive, check the disadvantages of iPhone jailbreak, and give fans a wake-up call

First of all, the editor of sihaiwang science and technology channel will popularize the following knowledge for you: what is prison break?

It is reported that IOS jailbreak is actually a technical means to obtain the root permission of IOS devices. Under normal circumstances, the IOS root permission is not disclosed. However, if a user escapes from prison, he can obtain the root permission and view the IOS file system at this time. After the successful jailbreak, the iPhone system files can be read and written, and can also be installed and run, including third-party plug-ins, themes, input methods, cracked apps, etc.

The disadvantages of iPhone jailbreak

1. Function: the current functions of IOS 7 system are fully sufficient. Many small bugs have been solved, especially the input method problem. The release of IOS 8 is even better.

2, payment: more and more mobile phone payments are used, such as WeChat, Alipay, etc. so security is a matter I care about very much. We know that after the prison break, the device will be fully opened, and various unauthorized applications are likely to steal account information.

3. Privacy: in addition to computers, mobile phones have been my best assistant for storing personal information. However, there is a risk of leakage of important information after prison break, including photos, memos, phone calls, text messages, etc. (in fact, this is very important, and it is also the most concerned problem among the disadvantages of prison break. Ordinary users can't be protected because of their common privacy.)

4. Battery life: I've done the same test after the jailbreak, and the jailbreak device consumes more power than the non jailbreak device.

5. Stability: I'm really afraid that a device with so many data will suddenly be surprised by a white apple, and there will be no data in a moment.

Four seas technology editor suggested fans: brush machine is not very good or the pursuit of ease, please stay away from prison.