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Does Foxconn's staff announce that it is necessary to ban the use of chemicals in apple?

While Apple's new iphone6 and iPhone 6 plus are in full swing, Foxconn in Shenzhen has been repeatedly exposed to employees suffering from leukemia, which makes many people wonder whether it is related to the production of apple, because Apple recently announced that it will ban the use of benzene and n-hexane in supplier factories. No one can determine whether there will be an inevitable relationship between the two. However, Foxconn insists that there is no evidence that the illness of employees is related to their working environment. However, for Foxconn production workers engaged in labor processing industry, it is necessary to keep away from some toxic substances!

Foxconn has been involved in a case of "several young employees suspected of suffering from leukemia due to toxic substances in the factory". Apple, Foxconn and the third-party labor welfare agency are investigating the case.

Since 2010, at least 13 Foxconn employees in Shenzhen, aged about 20, have been diagnosed with leukemia after falling ill. Five of them have died, and one employee who has been confirmed as leukemia has been working for only four months. In response, doctors said it was very rare to develop blood cancer at such a young age.

Family members of the sick employees and a labor welfare organization believe that the leukemia of employees is caused by chemicals used to clean electronic baffles in the factory. They also complained that employees were dismissed from the factory after they were found to have leukemia, and the factory no longer paid for medical expenses.

Apple said it 'attaches great importance' to the allegation that employees suspected of toxic substances at the Foxconn plant and is investigating the matter. The Foxconn factory in Shenzhen, which employs about 230000 people, has become the main production base of Apple's iPhone since 2007.

It's a delicate time for the above-mentioned case of "employees getting leukemia" to enter the public view because Apple recently announced that it would ban the use of benzene and n-hexane in supplier factories.

However, Foxconn insisted that there was no evidence that the employees' illness was related to the working environment, and that the factory had not used benzene and n-hexane for many years.