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Amazon is selling mobile phones instead of books! Can the more arrogant fire phone4000 + be accepted

As an e-commerce company in China, Amazon's biggest achievement is that it has done its best in selling books. For example, you will consider Jingdong for home appliances. Now, Amazon has also launched mobile phones, which is the same as Luo Yonghao's hammer mobile phone. Amazon fire phone The main core technology is naked eye 3D, that is to locate the eye position through multiple cameras on the front panel of the mobile phone, and real-time display of the simulated 3D image of the eye position.

Overall impression:

Before you get the real machine, you can't jump to a conclusion. However, judging from the existing information and the impression of foreign media, Amazon's firephone is not very innovative.

In addition to the not brilliant design and exorbitant price, Amazon mobile phone stands on a flagship stage, but it is not enough. Even the loyal fans of Amazon services, they have to touch their pockets first and weigh them over and over again. I'm afraid there is still no enough reason to sell.

Judging from the overall features of Amazon's firephone, the bright points of Amazon's first mobile phone are far fetched, and it is hard to be worthy of the same pricing as the flagship mobile phones such as iPhone and S5. It is difficult to make a big breakthrough in the development of smart phones, even if it is steered by a bull like Bezos.

My impression of the firephone is:

1、 It's like a 'shopping' phone packed with some new ideas. Many functions and services are around Amazon, especially firefly and mayday.

2、 The configuration is moderate and the price is high.

At present, Amazon is taking out the finished mobile phone, which will be on sale on July 25. The price of bare phones is $649 and $749 respectively (about 4040 yuan and 4700 yuan). Is the mobile phone market a profiteering industry? Why do everyone want a piece of the cake? Lao Luo's hammer mobile phone is undoubtedly the pioneer leader of domestic machines. The price of 3000 yuan has been criticized. Will you abandon Samsung and apple to become a loyal fan of Amazon mobile phone with 4000 yuan? I'm afraid many people's answer is to think about it!