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After the price reduction of MX3 on Meizu's official website, Huang Zhang is angry that Xiaomi's mob

Huang Zhang, CEO of Meizu's official website, has come back, not only opening the Meizu forum, but also putting up the "millet for Meizu" swap MX3 activity. According to Meizu's official website, Xiaomi's mobile phone swapping for Meizu will start on April 1, and it is no longer a dream for Xiaomi's mobile phone to change Meizu.

The specific rules of millet for Meizu. Teach you how to use Xiaomi official website mobile phone for Meizu MX3.

From 10:00 on April 1, 2014 (Tuesday), Meizu MX3 64g (black only, w or TD) can be purchased at a discount of 500 yuan with Meizu M8 mobile phone, meter 1 / 1s and i9000 / i9100, that is, the purchase price is 2099 yuan. Meizu M8 exchange is an activity of Meizu caring for old users, which will be the last time for Meizu to exchange purchase. The official online store is only allowed to use Meizu M8 exchange.

In addition, this is the first time Meizu and the official website launched Sina Weibo for purchase. In order to let more users experience Meizu products and take care of the voice of a large number of non Meizu users on Sina Weibo, the 2099 Meizu MX3 64g mobile phones "specially Limited" on Sina Weibo also support Mi 1 / 1s and i9000 / i9100 users to apply for replacement purchase.

From 10:00 on March 26, 2014, Xiaomi can also change to Meizu to make an appointment by logging on Sina Weibo. After the successful reservation, it will send the shopping website to the subscribers through private letters before 10:00 April 1, 2014, and then click the link to purchase. After the successful reservation, the mobile phone users will need to load the latest version of sina micro-blog client, and then log into the micro-blog account to bind the Alipay account. You can get a 10 yuan Meizu flyme coupon for one cent.

The beginning of the activity of exchanging millet for Meizu also triggered a fierce battle between the official website forum of Xiaomi and the forum of Meizu official website. After the previous price reduction of Meizu MX3, the price could be described as a disguised price reduction. Moreover, the spearhead is still Xiaomi 3 mobile phone, Huang Zhang and Lei Jun, and the war between the two giants is still going on.