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Xiaomi mobile phone official website snapped up Hongmi mobile phone model

Xiaomi mobile phone official website to buy red rice mobile phone change model, what are the hidden dangers of red rice official website rush purchase! And how should consumers avoid or solve these hidden dangers? Pay attention together!

"Invisible hidden danger of 'separated' transaction Miss Wang snapped up a red rice mobile phone on Xiaomi's official website. When she got her mobile phone, she was shocked. It was a mobile phone model! Similar events include the failure to deliver flowers on Valentine's day, the failure of online shopping cameras to turn on, and so on. Today's 20:01 "life face to face" will give you an interpretation of the new consumer law and see how to take up the legal weapons to protect their legitimate rights and interests.

"Face to face life": a transaction separated by space, an invisible hidden danger] Miss Wang snatched a red rice mobile phone at a preferential price of less than 1000 yuan in the limited time rush purchase activity on Xiaomi's official website at the end of last year. But when she got the mobile phone, she was shocked. What she received was a mobile phone model! How to take legal weapons to protect her legal rights and interests in such a case?

Netizens hot discussion:

Kinsey 970: it should be refunded and compensated financially. This is a violation of fair trade.

Tianshui Xiaoqu: how to protect yourself and let the common people become legal experts is obviously wrong. In this case, the government should strengthen supervision, protect consumers and crack down on intentional fraud;

Yuan Gongyong: it's just a mistake. If it's true and they refuse to change, they can make it as they like. However, if the businessmen do not make a statement, the TV station will take the name of 315, wantonly denounce, and it will be ungrateful. Who didn't make a mistake. Be tolerant, isn't it more harmonious.