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There's nothing you can't do to teach you how to use Apple's 6th generation mobile phone and iPhone

We only know how powerful the configuration of the two mobile phones is and how comfortable the user experience is. However, you don't know many novel functions of the iPhone 5S on the official website of apple and the upcoming generation 6 mobile phone, such as remote control car racing and "lost contact plane".

How do you remotely control the car and the lost plane?

It sounds like the iPhone 5S on Apple's official website and Apple's upcoming 6th generation mobile phone to remotely control racing cars and "lost plane" are filled in at night, but it's actually very easy. Friends who often play with remote control racing must know that the total achievement of remote control is racing and remote control. Today, we are going to use Apple's generation 6 mobile phone and iPhone 5S as remote control.

First, download the application called foncar from the App Center on Apple's official website.

Then, buy the remote-controlled racing car on Xiaomi's official website.

Second, charge the car, and then you can start to remotely control the car and the lost airplane with Apple's iPhone 5S and Apple's 6th generation mobile phones.

It is worth mentioning that this Xiaomi racing car, which can be controlled by the iPhone 5S and Apple 6 mobile phones on Apple's official website, has excellent mechanical performance, similar to a real cross-country racing car. The dependent suspension and differential lock ensure its good trafficability. Therefore, those who want to use the iPhone 5S and Apple 6 mobile phones to remotely control the racing car and the 'lost contact plane' can take action quickly.