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Valentine's day high tech app keeps up with the times

Valentine's Day sellers are competing to launch a lot of promotional activities to attract young couples. Compared with the obscure technology industry, it can actually create unlimited surprise and romance for you! The app that reminds you to send love messages, do you have expectations?

according to Taiwan media on February 10, a new app has been developed, which can make you more romantic, because it can remind you to call or send a sweet message to your loved one.

The romantimatic, easy-to-use app was created by Greg Knauss, a web and software developer. Kenos, who has been married for 18 years, sometimes forgot to tell his wife that he loves her, which inspired him to write this new app.

The description of this app on the website: 'even though we have great technology, we may have passed the day in a hurry, but we forget to simply say & lsquo; I love you & rsquo; to the most important people in our lives. Now romanimatic can help you. '

Before using this app, you must first enter the phone number of the other party, and then set the time and frequency you want to be notified. When the time comes, the app will notify you to call or send a text message to the other party.

Users can choose one of a series of self-contained information or write it by themselves. The self-contained information has sweet words such as "the world is desolate and the land is old, this love will never change".