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Nokia EOS re reveals spy photos with 41 megapixel all metal body

Some time ago, the new spy photos of Nokia's new plane, EOS, were leaked recently. In addition to the 41 megapixel camera we mentioned earlier, we also found that it will have an all metal case.

At first, when we saw the latest spy photos of Nokia EOS, we had many doubts about its credibility. However, after communicating with the informant named "C technology" through Sina Weibo, our thoughts changed a little. First of all, the above three spy photos are divided into two parts: the camera module cover on the left and the metal fuselage in the middle and right. From the cover plate, we can see that the "XX megapixel" on the spy photos has been replaced with "41 megapixel", which means that EOS is likely to use the same camera module as 808 pureview. Then there is the metal fuselage slightly different from the previous spy photos. Regardless of the material, this time the protruding part of the camera module is obviously smaller than before, and the position of the middle hole cannot correspond to the cover plate. If you take a closer look, you will find that the pinhole (the one used to push out the SIM card) on the top of the phone seems to be next to the SIM card slot. It was close to the headphone jack, but now it's on the other side.

After digging into the background and past records of the informant (he claimed that the spy photos of the previous red EOS shell were also leaked by him), we have reason to believe that this man has reliable sources in the factory. In this way, there are two possibilities: first, the fuselage in this spy photo is just an engineering sample, so there will be different designs from the final product; second, Nokia has prepared two versions of EOS, like lumia 920 and lumia 925, one is plastic, the other is metal. Anyway, "C technology" has promised to release more photos in the next few days. Please look forward to it before Nokia's announcement next month.