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Google will release Android 5.0 limepie Motorola x phone in October or at the same time

According to a well-known foreign technology blog, Google will release Android 5.0 'key lime pie' later this October. It may be released together with Motorola x phone!

It was originally thought that Google would release Android 5.0 at this year's I / O Developers Conference, but the result was disappointing. At that time, everyone had such a question in mind: when will Google launch a new version of Android. It is reported that Google is about to release Android 4.3 'jelly bean'. As for the reason of Android 5.0 ticket skipping, it is to give OEMs a breathing space.

Google will eventually unveil the next generation of Android (Android 5.0 'lime pie') later in October, according to people familiar with the matter. It is worth mentioning that there is a rumor that Motorola mobile will also release moto x smart phones in October, and the absence of a new generation of nexus smart phones further increases the credibility of this rumor.

It is not unprecedented that the new nexus model and the new generation Android platform appear at the same time. For example, the ice cream sandwich of Android 4.0 was released together with Galaxy nexus in November 2011. Android 5.0 is an optimized operating system that will run well on 512 MB RAM devices, which may become an important step in Google's development strategy, people familiar with the situation said.

A mobile phone operating system operating system can run smoothly at 512 of windows XP, and it can not make complaints about the requirements of a mobile operating system. The next generation of Google Android's operating system will solve this problem.