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Apple's WWDC conference announced that IOS 7 iPhone 4 has a low configuration and is struggling to r

Apple released the latest IOS 7 system at this year's WWDC global Developers Conference. At the same time, products supporting the new system have also been released, including iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, the fifth generation iPod touch, iPad 2, retina iPad and ipad Mini.

However, compared with the iPhone 5 and retina iPad, the hardware of the iPhone 4 is a little behind. Although the iPhone 4 still supports IOS 7, it is conceivable that running IOS 7 on the iPhone 4 will not be very smooth. According to the news on June 12, softmedia reported that an apple registered developer has confirmed our concerns to softmedia, saying that the iPhone 4 can barely run IOS 7.

The developers said: 'IOS 7 runs really slowly on the iPhone 4, the device heats up quickly, and all operations take longer to respond'. In addition, he pointed out that IOS 7's animation is very fast, and some applications can't run at all.

IOS 7 is still in the testing stage. The developers think that in the final version of IOS 7, Apple will be able to solve all the CPU and GPU energy consumption problems. At that time, running IOS 7 on the iPhone 4 will not be so hard.

In contrast, the iPhone 4 configuration, compared with other mobile phones, is still a comparative advantage. However, the development of Apple's own system has made the iPhone 4 unable to meet the requirements of ios7.