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Samsung research nano materials develop contact lenses challenge Google glass

According to technobuffalo, a famous foreign technology website, several research institutions, including two departments of Samsung, have jointly developed a nano material that can be used to make smart contact lenses. May compete with Google glass!

"Our goal is to develop a wearable contact lens display system that can do anything Google glasses can," said Jang ung Park, a chemical engineer at Ulsan National Research Institute in South Korea, in an interview. "But unlike Google's glasses, they have to be on the eye.

To develop the contact lens with built-in computing components, Jang ung Park and his team first made a light-emitting diode from graphene and silver nanowires, and then fixed it on the soft contact lens. Finally, they tested the design of the smart contact lens on rabbit eyes with similar structure to human eyes, and no adverse reactions were found.

However, if the technology is to be put into commercial use, it still has a long way to go. At the same time, it cannot compete with Google glasses in the emerging wearable device market in the short term. Nevertheless, its design is still attractive, harder to detect and easier to operate than Google glasses.

Editor's comment: some people say that Samsung is a bad company. This is true at all. They make cell phones and copy iPhones. In the future, technology imitates Google. They have been imitating it, never surpassing it. At this moment, when personal privacy is greatly violated, the development of contact smart glasses is really a soy sauce!