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IPhone Battery Replacement needs too much, officials are sending people in many ways

Original title: iPhone Battery Replacement needs too much: Apple may hire a third party contractor comprehensive news at present, Apple has reduced the replacement price of iPhone Battery to 218 yuan. Users can go to Apple's Direct stores or authorized service providers to replace the battery, but this has triggered a wave of battery replacement for users. At present, the number of people who replace the battery in Apple's stores is limited. Therefore, apple is sending people from all sides, and it is said that it may hire contractors.

It is reported that the average waiting time for battery replacement is 3 to 4 weeks, and consumers complain that the waiting time is too long. It is reported that Apple will use its own employees to cooperate with the third-party contractor's scheme, but some media say that without employing a third-party contractor, Apple's own employees can smoothly tide over the battery replacement tide.