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What hairstyle does forehead width suit? How does Bang decorate forehead?

What hairstyle is suitable for wide forehead? How to decorate the forehead with bangs? What bangs is suitable for wide forehead? Many girls don't know what hairstyle can decorate wide forehead. I'll teach you what bangs are suitable for wide forehead. Make a hairstyle suitable for wide forehead. It's no problem to decorate the forehead!

Wide forehead girls are mostly square face, so cover the forehead, zygomatic hair can play a role in promoting strengths and avoiding weaknesses, and this style of Qi bangs curl is very good!

If you want your hair to be straight and dynamic, and your head to be full and fluffy, cover your forehead with straight bangs. In this way, your gentle and elegant temperament will appear immediately!

The bangs in the middle can't show the forehead completely, only show a small part of sexy, wide forehead can't be seen naturally, it's a good hairstyle with wide forehead!

Orderly in disorder, the hair looks like fluffy and curly, covering a lot of skin on the face, creating the effect of a small face. The radian of fluffy bangs makes the forehead invisible.

Qier's wave bangs and hairline design are very suitable for wide forehead face. Qier's bangs can cover wide forehead, and the slightly buttoned cheek hairline can also modify the face!

What kind of hairstyle is forehead width suitable for? female beauty salon teaches you how to decorate your forehead with bangs? More popular hairstyles related articles continue to talk about what kind of bangs is forehead width suitable for.