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Korean style short hair style

Now long hair and short hair have their own unique beauty, in the fashion circle of long hair, good-looking Korean short hair can also become a unique landscape. Do you want to know how to make Korean short hairstyle? Do you want to learn 2011 Korean short hairstyle? Let's learn how to make these Korean Short Hairstyles With Xiaobian today!

Simple and refreshing short hair, pure black natural hair, fine bangs wrapped around the cheek, revealing the big eyes of the spirit, creating a young and cute feminine flavor.

Thick hair tail, neat inside buckle radian, let the head plump, thick bangs, in the hair tip gently thin, create a natural light fluffy feeling, not only neutralize the excessive maturity, but also let the shape energetic, full of smart spirit temperament.

Sexy wild short curly hair, simple short hair, low-key hair color, it is very mature and stable, partial bangs combined with cheek modification, perfect small face effect.

A little radian of Qi bangs, a good modification of the cheek meat, to achieve the effect of shrinking face. The bangs covering the forehead emphasize the radian of the bangs, highlight the bright and moist eyes, and the light brown hair is more fashionable.

Pure black hair color is very gorgeous, temperament, curly radian hair tail, smart and elegant, thick radian bangs soft and sweet. This model is very suitable for you who want to be fashionable and mature!

Improved Bob head curly hair, inward radian of thin bangs, a good modification of the cheek, fluffy texture of hair exudes gentle temptation.

About the introduction of "Korean short hairstyle" small make up today to introduce here, a good hairstyle will add a bright spot for you! Quick action! Sihai beauty salon will have more wonderful hairdressing articles waiting for you, oh, don't know how to deal with your hairstyle? Come to Sihai hairdressing!