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How to create the hairstyle students like?

How to create the hairstyle that students like? Hairstyle is everyone's favorite DIY hairstyle. Today Xiaobian brings 6 kinds of hairstyles. No matter you are a mature ol or a young girl who has not left school, you will have your favorite hairstyle.

The head of the flower bud that shows the forehead is coiled

How to tie the flower bud head? The simple flower bud head hair looks very energetic, and very sweet and generous. Wearing a pair of black eyeglass frame highlights the atmosphere of young students.


Ol how to create neat hair, let your temperament upgrade? New sense of bangs braided hair, exquisite fashion, gentle and sweet, and then with the middle sleeve knitwear highlights the celebrity temperament!

Meatball hair bun

Students like meatballs best. How to make the hairstyle of schoolgirls? The meatball hair bun with exposed forehead is refreshing, simple and fashionable, and it is more cool and elegant with fashionable sunglasses.

Fashion sense

The curl of dew forehead is fresh and simple, the high bangs show the temperament very much, the ornament of fashionable hair ornament is more romantic and sweet.

Towering hair

High set hair, appears to be very temperament, revealing full forehead, more refreshing, simple, gentle and charming.

Punk style

Punk style curling hair is the favorite of fashion women. It is fashionable and cool. And more star like!