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How does Yang Zi, the flower of Beijing Film Academy, create a variety of hairstyles?

Yang Zi has grown up. She is no longer Xia Xue, the lovely and sensible little sister in "family with children". Now she seems to have become the school flower of Beijing Film Academy. Let's follow Xiao Bian to see how Yang Zi creates a variety of hairstyles, so that college students can also refer to it.

Yang Zilu's horsetail hairstyle is clean, refreshing, simple and generous, and highlights the small temperament!

This dish hair is the shape of Yang Zi's recent photo. She boldly shows her forehead, which obviously highlights her exquisite facial features and perfect goose egg face. Make the whole look perfect and charming!

Yangzi bangs with straight hair is very pure and moving.

It can be said that Yang Zi's favorite hairstyle is exposing her forehead. Her hairstyle is clean, concise and gentle.

Yang Zi's elegant straight hair is charming but pure!

The straight hair of dew forehead, lazy with sex, and fresh and pleasant.