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How to show the temperament of various personality curls?

A hairpin, can show different temperament, can deduce different shapes, different ages, you can see different personality, different preferences, a personality of the dish can even highlight a person's outlook on life and values, how to show the quality of personality? Sihai Xiaobian collected several different types of Pan hair for you, to see what kind of gas you belong to Quality bar ~!!

Mature white collar hair

This style of curly hair is curled up, very mature feeling, leaving a long slant split bangs, the rest of the hair are coiled on the top of the head, showing a delicate face, looks generous and appropriate, and if the straight hair is braided into three braids and then coiled up, how can this effect be achieved!!

Sweet curly hair

This kind of curly hair gives people the impression that it is very sweet. This kind of curly hair is actually very simple, but because of the ornament of headband, it appears to be quite delicate. The length of the fringe just reaches the cheekbones, which has a good effect of small face hairstyle ~!!

The flower bud is high and the hair is in a bun

This kind of curly hair is a kind of flower bud curling. The loose flower bud on the head shows the sweet and playful side of the girl. The pengpeng design on the top of the head is also very intentional. Let's have a sweet smile, wow ~! I don't know how many boys are attracted to it!

Elegant side curl

It seems that the side hair is very noble and elegant. It is very suitable for gentle and generous girls. The slanted bangs are sweet and lovely. The loose curly hair has a sense of hierarchy. There is a lazy aesthetic feeling in the mess. It is a symbol of a big girl ~!!