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Spring Street Korean hairstyle is changeable, fashionable and fashionable female hairstyle

Spring Street Korean hairstyle, changeable fashion trendy female hairstyle! In 2012, which hairstyles are the most popular this year? Korean mm hairstyle is very expected! Street fashion hairstyle show, let's learn what kind of hairstyle fashionable Korean mm like.

Micro curly hair: pure girls like simple and casual hairstyles, so this micro curly hair must be suitable for your style! Just create a little radian at the position of the hair tip. The obvious partial big bangs can better modify the face!

Refreshing hair binding: Ball bun hair binding makes you look more refreshing and capable! Twist the horsetail hair bundle around the head at will. From the front, the hair is divided into three strands, which can improve the three-dimensional sense of facial features. Round faced girls look more casual.

Lovely tie hair: the curly hair bundle falls behind, and it looks very cute with Qi bangs. The use of colored fine hair hoops to decorate the hair style, fresh and sweet hair binding, which is very popular.

Elegant long hair

This is a romantic hairstyle made of long curly hair. The ends of micro curly hair are scattered on your shoulders. If you are a girl with straight hair, you can use the curling stick to make the ends of long hair curly, and the back hair is half tied, elegant and charming.

Fashion lotus leaf head

Girls with melon seed face might as well consider this lotus leaf head. The typical lotus leaf head easily shapes the gentle and graceful side of women! The shoulder length is just right to show the girl's slender neck. A simple lotus leaf head can also choose a beautiful hair color to make your overall fashion more bright!

Delicate pear flower head

The popularity of lihuatou is quite high! The slightly curly ends of medium and long hair show a more flexible atmosphere in straight hair. The overall hairstyle shows a sense of lightness, making people look more refreshing and pleasant. The black bow is used to decorate the side hair, showing a beautiful feeling in sweetness. 2012 Korean fashion girls' simple hair binding fascinates everyone

Little bun

In Korea, the little bun like this lovely and beautiful girl is also very hot! The forehead without bangs is more refreshing. Tie the long bangs into a lovely little bun, and combine the playful and fashionable curly hair and tail to create a small and fresh look that makes people feel pity!

Playful small hair bundle

Take the bangs on the forehead, tie a small hair bundle and place it on the top of the head, so as to create the playfulness coefficient of the hair style. The orange medium and long hair feels full of the charming temperament of small women, and the soft hair brings out the unique delicate feeling of women. The overall hairstyle is full of vitality.

Now the fashion hairstyles popular in South Korea are introduced to you. There are more recommendations on fashion hairstyles in spring 2012. Don't miss it!