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5 mask easy to create small V face relaxed "enjoy" thin

Although people's faces have their own destiny, have you ever noticed that sometimes your big pie face is just because the meat is more relaxed than the real face? It wants to make your face small and exquisite. Some of these tips can make your face look smaller, just like the power of magic make-up, and the effect is even more lasting. That is to choose an effective compact mask. Pull tight way to let the muscle tighten to achieve no loss of meat on the basis of shaping a delicate face!

Estee Lauder platinum firming Firming Mask

1. Estee Lauder platinum firming Firming Mask

Product introduction: super tight and de swelling effect (after half face test, yin and Yang face is very obvious), and amazing moisturizing effect. Highly concentrated, instantly replenish water, compact, fade fine lines, even skin color. It can be used as first aid after staying up late, high single rate products often out of stock in autumn and winter. It can also be used as massage cream.

I Shi Begg contour compact mask

2, I Shi Begg contour compact mask

Product introduction: SOS emergency 'rescue station', it only takes 5 minutes to show the three-dimensional facial contour of color makeup, and the effect of lifting and tightening instantly appears. This magic mask has super anti-aging effect, instantly and lasting to make your face full and full. The texture of the milk is rich in vitamin A E blue microsphere, grape seed essential oil and green tea essence. It quickly compacts the skin and reduces wrinkles and dark spots.

Pet name anti wrinkle biological Fiber Mask

3, pet name wrinkle resistant biological Fiber Mask

Product introduction: the organic fiber produced by complex microbial flora after rigorous fermentation engineering is approved by FDA, which is not easy to cause allergy. The diameter of the fiber is 133 of the 1 of the general petrified mask (non-woven mask). Only the gas passes through, avoiding the evaporation of essence. It can penetrate into the deep part of the wrinkles and the mound, and effectively import the essence.

Shu Shu nun hee

4, Shu Mu Nu Su black and tight facial mask

Product introduction: the film is formed on the surface of the skin, which has the mechanical lifting effect and tightens the skin. The skin is compact, comfortable and young. The contour of the face becomes compact. A kind of tea fragrance tone, inspired by tea, makes the skin feel relaxed and lifted.

Paris L'OREAL facial mask

5, Paris L'OREAL facial mask, pull and stretch mask.

Product Description: as the first elastic mask with compact and double pulling effect, the new generation of laminated elastic fabric has soft touch, good elasticity and ductility, and can stretch and accurately fit the whole face. Its tailoring is also more suitable for Asian faces. Perfect fit, let effective ingredients penetrate into the skin.