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Simple and effective freckle mask how to do

If you are worried about the spots on your face all day long, drop a lot of money in time to buy back the bottles and jars, and the spots don't disappear at all. Now Xiaobian teaches you DIY mask, using these natural raw materials made of mask, it is safe and can go yellow and freckle, MM can put one hundred hearts bold attempt!

Banana milk chloasma mask

1. Ingredients: proper amount of fresh banana, a little milk (the amount of milk is better than that of banana).

2, making method: pour milk into banana paste to paste it, use hand or cotton pad as a cleansing cream, massage side by side, and clean it when it is not dry.

3, use effect: this mask can be used as an instant replenishment mask. It can moisturize and whiten skin for a long time.