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It's very simple to want whitening

Do you want whitening? In fact, it's very simple. You don't need to worry about the disappearance of your silver. As long as you have materials in your home, you can whiten easily. Learn from me.

Papaya Milk Mask

Papaya can effectively soften the skin, make the skin soft and bright, and white the skin with milk.

Ingredients: papaya 1 / 3, milk 3 tablespoons


1. Cut the papaya into pieces and put it into the blender, then add the milk to make it muddy.

2. Dip the papaya juice on the face with absorbent cotton.

3. Wash your face after about 20 minutes.

Tips: Papaya contains papain, which has excellent cleansing and softening effects, and is often used to whiten and moisturize the skin.

Watermelon Whitening Mask

The juice of watermelon peel can clear fire and expel toxin, whiten and repair skin. Often use watermelon skin juice to apply to face, can whiten and moisten skin, increase skin elasticity and luster.

Material: watermelon skin 2 pieces, clean gauze or absorbent cotton


1. Scrape off the juice of watermelon peel with a spoon and pour it into a small bowl.

2. Use clean gauze or absorbent cotton to dip watermelon juice on your face.

3. Wash it in 20 minutes.

Flour Mask

Flour mask can make the skin clean and white. It also helps to shrink pores. It can dispel spots and firm skin.

Ingredients: 3 tablespoons flour, 2 tablespoons milk


1. Mix the flour and milk together to make it mix well.

2. use a small brush to smear the mask solution evenly on the face.

3. Apply the face for about 20 minutes, and wash it after it is dry.

Tips: don't be surprised that flour can also be used for dressing your face. In fact, the cosmetic effect of flour has long been confirmed. The mask made of flour and water has good astringency and tightness. It can effectively shrink pores and create smooth and delicate skin. Flour can also deeply clean the face, effectively remove the dirt in the pores, and prevent oxidation and anti-inflammatory effect. If you want to whiten mm, don't waste this magic weapon in the future! You can use cheap common flour to get good results, and you can also use flour mixed with other fruit materials.