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What should be paid attention to when using sunscreen

Have you used sunscreen correctly? What problems should you pay attention to when using sunscreen? What problems should you pay attention to in the face of so many sunscreen? Let's listen to how whitening experts explain.

Because sunscreens, especially waterproof and sweat resistant sunscreens, contain water-insoluble ingredients. And the general facial cleanser is to wash away the dirt of the cuticle layer of the skin, and can't wash the insoluble ingredients of the sunscreen well. Such a long time, residues will block pores, cause acne, acne and other problems, may also affect the absorption of skin care products.

For highly waterproof and sweat resistant sunscreen, be sure to use the same 'tough' makeup remover to deal with. Generally speaking, the cleaning ability of makeup remover is strong, and it is more suitable for the ol who often do outdoor sports and love to apply waterproof and sweat resistant sunscreen.