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If you ignore sunscreen, you will grow old overnight

Many mm have encountered this situation: the whitening products they bought seem to be quite effective at the early stage of use, but they seem to come back black later. The beauty teacher said that this is because the most possible reason is that they only try to whiten the skin, but sunscreen is very casual. The skin continues to be stimulated by sunlight and ultraviolet rays, of course, all previous efforts have been wasted.

Although autumn is not as sunny as summer, the damage of ultraviolet rays to human skin is no less than that of summer. What's more, the sun is the main cause of your ineffective whitening. If you want to whiten successfully, you have to antioxidant and sunscreen.

I have seen a report before: according to the latest survey data from Europe and the United States, women who stick to wearing sunscreen every day will look 13 years younger than their actual age when they are 50 years old, that is to say, they are only 37 years old. This news fully illustrates the importance of sun protection. Now it is hot summer, sun protection is the top priority.

When it comes to sun protection, let's start with delicious food. It is said that tomato is the best sun protection food. It is rich in antioxidant lycopene. Daily intake of lycopene can reduce the risk factor of sunburn, and cooked food is better than raw food. At the same time, you can also eat some potatoes or carrots, in which & beta; carotene can effectively block UV.