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What are the varieties of rose pommel series

Those who are familiar with rose may know the rose pommel series, but the specific varieties may not be clear. So, today's small make-up to give you an analysis of what kinds of rose pommel series have.

What are the varieties of the rose ball series? The rose ball series launched by Raab Rosen are as follows:

Latin pompon, old fashion pompon, blue pompon, lemon pompon, red pompon, Terra pompon, orange pompon, lady pompon, petticoat, pink pompon. The following is a detailed explanation of the text:

1. Latin pompon0

Latin pommel

2. Old fashion pompon

Classic pommel

3. Blue pompon

Blue pommel

4. Lemon pompon

Lemon pommel

5. Red pompon

Red pommel

6. Terra pompon

Earth ball

7. Orange pompon

Orange pommel

8. Lady pompon

Madame pommel

9. Petticoat

Ball of dancing skirt

10. Pink pompon

Pink pommel

It is worth noting that the pomponella that you are familiar with is not from this series. It is another series of kordes called fairytale. The familiar blue varieties Novalis and queen of hearts are also from this series. Fluffy porch is not in this series. It's one of the other porch series.