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How to deal with succulent after rain: ventilation, sun protection

Do the flower friends in Guangzhou feel that the weather is complicated and changeable recently, and it rains accidentally? At this time, a flower friend asked, can you get wet? How does much meat do after drenching? Will you die? Now, Xiaobian will answer this question for the flower friends!

How does much meat get wet? Can much meat get wet

More meat can rain, rain also contains some nutrients, to a certain extent, is beneficial to the growth of meat, but also can naturally clean some of the dust on the meat. To a certain extent, the rain is equivalent to watering you from the flesh. However, there is still a risk of succulent rain, for the succulent rain must pay attention to ventilation and anti exposure.

What's the risk of succulent rain? The main risk of succulent rain is high humidity, high temperature, stagnant water, and then black rot. so generally speaking, after succulent rain, the first thing to do is to dry the water in the core with toilet paper (you can also use this method to reduce the water content of the medium), and then maintain ventilation (if the ventilation is not good, you can use electricity) The other thing is to remember that if the sun comes out after the rain, you must not bask in the sun, otherwise it is easy to get dark.

How to deal with a lot of meat in the rain? How to deal with a lot of meat in the rain for a long time? As for how to deal with a lot of meat in the rain for a long time, this problem is more practical. It is difficult to determine the actual state of a lot of meat. Generally speaking, as long as there is no problem with a lot of meat, it can be dealt with by the method of ventilation and sunscreen.

Some flower friends have said that there are some common goods varieties, it doesn't matter whether they are in the sun or in the rain. In fact, it doesn't depend on the variety, but the maintenance method. As long as the skin of the plant is solid, its resistance will be strong.

In fact, for the treatment of succulent after rain, the simple summary is ventilation and sunscreen.