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How to choose Clivia: distinguish the superior and inferior varieties from the leaves

Clivia, known as the flower of wealth, is beautiful and generous. It is highly ornamental in home furnishings, venue furnishings and hotel decorations. Do you know how to choose Clivia? Today, let's learn how to choose Clivia!

How to choose Clivia how to choose Clivia: there are two common Clivia in China: Clivia Chuixiao and Clivia Dahua. Clivia leaves, flowers, fruits are very beautiful, but the ornamental leaf is the main highlight, so how to choose Clivia from the leaves to distinguish the pros and cons of varieties.

1. Generally, short, wide, thick and bright leaves are the best.

2. The leaf is erect, the leaf width is more than 9 ~ 10 cm, and the ratio of leaf length to width is more than 3 times. The leaves should be thick and strong, with a thickness of 2 ~ 2.5mm. Dark green, light green and oil green are the top colors of leaves, followed by dark green. In terms of glossiness, there are bright, bright, dark and no light, and the brighter the better.

3. The shape of the leaf is round and blunt, and the shape of the leaf is medium. The veins of leaves are green green, the veins of longitude and weft are all protruding, the veins of high-grade varieties are obvious, the veins of flat and hidden are next.

4. In addition to looking at the leaves, you can also see the thick and round pedicels, big flowers and many red flowers. In the purchase of Clivia seedlings, the first batch of unearthed seedlings of the same variety and period, the so-called "pot head seedlings", have stronger growth potential and are good seedlings. The seedlings with green leaves, short and thick fleshy roots and light green roots were better than those with slender roots. If the seedling has grown 3 leaves, the quality can be determined according to the above leaf characteristics. Whether the leaves are wrinkled or not and the size of the plant shape are not the standard to identify Clivia.

How to choose Clivia to expand knowledge daily maintenance of Clivia in winter. Clivia should always maintain 60% of the ambient humidity, should often spray water on its leaves, generally once a day. And often wipe the dust off the leaf surface with a wet cloth to keep it clean. This can make the leaves more glossy, conducive to growth, and prevent the occurrence of diseases and pests. The dirt and moss on the wall of the basin should be cleaned to keep Clivia growing vigorously. In winter, when Clivia entered the dormancy period, the water content should be controlled as long as the soil is not too dry and fertilization is not necessary. The indoor temperature can reach 6 ℃ ~ 7 ℃, and it can survive the winter safely.