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How to plant chrysanthemum: put it in a cool and ventilated environment after sowing

The whole plant is densely covered with villi. The heart-shaped large ovate leaf is similar to cucumber leaf, so it is called Cucumis. The flowers are rich in purple, pink, pink, lotus root, purple, blue, white and other colors. There are many horticultural varieties of Senecio. It can be roughly divided into four types: big flower type, star type, middle type and multi flower type. Today, let's learn about the planting method of chrysanthemum!

How to plant chrysanthemum: after sowing, put the planter in a cool and ventilated environment. After about 20 days, the seedlings can grow 2-3 true leaves. At this time, the first transplanting should be carried out, that is, artificial planting. It can be transplanted in wide mouth tile basin. The pot soil was composed of 3 parts of rotten leaf soil, 2 parts of loam soil and 1 part of sandy soil. The seedlings were transplanted into the shallow basin with a row spacing of 3cm × 3cm, and the roots were mostly covered with old soil for survival.

After transplanting, the seedlings should be watered with a fine hole watering pot. When watering, the seedlings should not be washed down or the soil at the roots of the seedlings should be washed away. The new high fat film should be sprayed to shorten the slow seedling rate. After watering, the seedlings were placed in a cool place to keep the soil moist. After a week, the seedlings were put in the sun to continue to grow. Soybean cake juice or cow dung juice could be applied once every 1-2 weeks after slow seedling, and the concentration increased gradually. The temperature of 7-8 ℃ is the best, which is good for seedling. If the temperature exceeds 15 ℃, it will grow too long and affect flowering.

How to plant Chrysanthemum

When the true leaves of seedlings grow to 5-7 pieces, the final planting should be carried out. Chrysanthemum like fertilizer, when planting to apply enough base fertilizer, pot soil to rotten leaf soil and garden soil with cake fertilizer chip configuration is better. According to the relevant data, it is reported that the potted soil mixed with 60 parts of rotten leaf soil, 30 parts of garden soil, 6 parts of cake fertilizer powder and 4 parts of bone powder has a good effect. A pot with a diameter of 12-17cm was selected. The pot soil was composed of 2 parts of rotten leaf soil, 3 parts of loam soil and 1 part of sandy soil. Soybean cake, bone meal or calcium superphosphate were used as base fertilizer. When planting, the plant should be planted in the center of the flowerpot, keep the plant upright, pour enough water in the shade, and give full light after survival.

In the growth period, the melon leaf chrysanthemum likes sunlight and is not suitable for shading. The flower pot should be rotated regularly to make the branches and leaves receive even light, and the plant shape should be straight without deflection. Liquid fertilizer was applied once every half month. Two weeks before flower bud differentiation, fertilization was stopped and irrigation was reduced. Under slightly dry condition, flowering rate was higher. The optimum temperature for flowering is 10-15 ℃ and the overwintering temperature is above 8 ℃. After the flowers withered, the plants still need moderate light to adapt to the development of seeds.


It is easy for the seeds to mature between March and April. Generally, the seeds of each inflorescence mature in batches from the outside to the inside. The reserved plants should be appropriately shaded before and after the hot noon, otherwise the seeds will not bear well. After ripening, the seeds were picked and dried in sunny days for storage. Seed storage should be marked to avoid mixing. It takes 3-4 months for early flowering varieties, 6-7 months for middle flowering varieties, and more than 8 months for late flowering varieties.