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Can hibiscus flower be eaten: Yes, it has the function of clearing away heat and dampness

We know that kapok can be eaten, rose can be eaten, chrysanthemum can be eaten... Flower consumption is a very common thing, so a flower friend asked Hibiscus can eat? Pro, let's read about it!

Can Hibiscus be eaten? Can Hibiscus be eaten? Hibiscus is edible. It has been recorded as early as in the book of songs that Hibiscus buds taste crisp, and the fully blooming hibiscus flowers taste smooth.

Hibiscus syriacus has sweet taste, cool nature, high nutritional value, contains protein, fat, crude fiber, reducing sugar, vitamin C, amino acids, iron, calcium, zinc, etc., and contains flavonoids active compounds. Often eating Hibiscus syriacus can clear away heat and dampness, cool blood, detoxify and nourish the face, effectively prevent dysentery, hemorrhoid bleeding, leucorrhea and other diseases, but also external treatment of sore swelling.

How to eat Hibiscus: 1. Hibiscus bean curd soup

1) Wash the hibiscus flower pieces, soak the tender tofu in brine for half an hour to remove the fishy smell, and beat the eggs.

2) Saute minced ginger in cold oil, add proper amount of stock, cut tofu into small pieces and add.

3) Bring to a boil, add in the fresh flowers and continue to bring to a boil.

4) Thicken with starch, add seasoning, and pour in egg mixture.

Hibiscus bean curd soup

2. Hibiscus hot pot

5 cm diameter flowers, a pick down immediately eat, generally a table of people a pot, to eat more than 100 hibiscus flowers to enjoy. Hibiscus hot pot, taste a bit like taro, some slippery thick feeling, but more water than taro.

Hibiscus hot pot

3. Stewed pork with hibiscus

Wash the hibiscus flowers, wash the pork and cut it into pieces. After the pork is boiled with water, add various seasonings and simmer until the meat is cooked. Add hibiscus flowers and simmer until the meat is delicious. This dish has the effect of clearing dampness and heat, tonifying Qi, nourishing yin and stopping bleeding.

Stewed pork with hibiscus

4. Fried eggs with hibiscus

Remove the impurity of Hibiscus flower, wash it, soak in brine and drain it; add the egg, add the scallion, salt and chicken essence, stir well; heat the pot, add the oil, pour in the hibiscus egg liquid, turn it over quickly when the surface is basically solidified, and fry well.

Fried eggs with hibiscus