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How to raise Yulu (experience): first raise the flowers, then discuss the fertilization and reproduc

There are many ways to breed Yulu, a succulent plant, on the Internet, but the flower friends are confused. They have already done it, but they still can't raise it well! Pro, don't worry, Xiaobian found a senior flower friend's experience, let's see how he raised Yulu!

How to breed Yulu (experience) Yulu's breeding methods: first of all, Yulu's breeding methods are no more than soil, sunlight, temperature, humidity and other conditions. As for fertilization and reproduction, there is no need to rush, just feed the flowers first.

First of all, the growing season of Yulu is spring and autumn, which is determined by its demand for temperature and humidity. The most suitable temperature for Yulu is 15-25 ℃ and the humidity is 70-90%. The light intensity should be moderate and the scattered light should be weak. Of course, the environment of the greenhouse can be adjusted. In the properly adjusted environment, Yulu can grow in the environment. You can buy a temperature and humidity meter and check the temperature and humidity in your own breeding environment. In this environment suitable for the growth of Yulu, Yulu grows plump, its small window is transparent, and its leaves are emerald green, in good condition, like emerald. Generally speaking, there is no problem in spring and autumn.

How to breed Yulu (experience)

Yulu is difficult to keep in summer and winter. In winter, there are two kinds of indoor. If the temperature is enough, but the sunlight and humidity are not enough, the humidity should be adjusted. The method of keeping Yulu in a small humid environment should be adopted, and the scattered light with weak light can be used.

If some flower friend winter temperature is not high enough, that need not let jade dew frozen bad, more than 5 degrees, let it as dry as possible. In winter, indoor cultivation is OK, and Yulu is the most suitable for stuffy cultivation in winter. If the indoor temperature is not very high and the humidity is appropriate in winter, Yulu will enter a semi dormant state and grow slowly, but the transparency of the window is high and full. But be sure to keep the humidity.

Due to the high temperature in summer, Yulu will enter a dormant state. The window surface turns white and the transparency decreases. Water control is needed to keep the soil relatively dry. No need to keep stuffy, need ventilation. In the evening, spray some water on the leaf surface to prevent leaf folding.

How to cultivate Yulu (experience) expand knowledge - Yulu species classification: Yulu is rich in species, leaves are crystal clear, bright windows are like living crafts, and it is a star of succulent plants that people love to see flowers bloom. Here are some of the members of the Yulu family who often show their faces.

Purple skin jade dew: it can be divided into two kinds: large purple and small purple. It is about the same size as Ji Yulu. Its basic color is purple. It will turn black after being exposed to the sun, and it is not easy to grow in vain.

Big window jade dew: belong to jade dew hybrid breed: window surface thief big, have 1 dollar coin how big. Because the window is large, the plants will be scattered. Under the condition of insufficient light, the extent of overgrowth is small. With the top hair, the window surface is more beautiful.

Cicada jade dew: the window is small and thin as cicada wings. The grain is crisp and clean, so it's easy to grow in groups. The degree of overgrowth is small

Jiyulu: divided into large and small species

Round head jade dew: the window surface is also good. It's quite big. You can refer to big window jade dew

Luyulu: divided into 2 large and small, here is the large luyulu.

Cao Yulu: although it's not a rare species, its charm can't be underestimated. Yi Qunsheng. The degree of overgrowth is small.

Yulushou: a hybrid of Yulu and Yushou. No purple jade was found.

BingDeng Yulu is the best variety selected from the cross of haoyulu. The window surface is bigger than ordinary Yulu, and the grain is clearer and more concise. There is no top hair on the big window surface around, and the plant type is bigger than ordinary Yulu and smaller than diyulu.