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How to eat green mango? How to eat green mango

Green mango is called lemon fruit, stuffy fruit, wangguo and so on. When it matures, mango has four benefits of aroma, juicy and a lot of fiber. It has many characteristics of tropical water, so it is known as the king of tropical fruits. If you want to know about the eating method of green mango, let's have a look at it with Xiaobian! How to eat green mango

Refreshing Green Mango

1. Green mango can be taken from the pulp boiled into mango sauce.

2. Green mango can also take pulp to make mango pudding.

3. Green mango can be made into dried mango, jam mango and other edible.

[refreshing green mango]


1. Peel and wash green mango.

2. Remove the nuclei and cut into strips.

3. Add salt and stir well.

4. Marinate for about 40 minutes.

5. I washed it twice with cold boiled water.

6. Drain the water.

7. Put it in the fresh-keeping box and add sugar. Sugar must be added more, or it will be sour.

8. Cover and refrigerate overnight.

9. Take out the next day can eat, sour and sweet, very crisp, especially appetizer!

Delicious diced chicken with mango


Raw materials:

Mango 200g, chicken 200g, celery 50g, carrot, pine nut 20g, mushroom 10g, salt, monosodium glutamate each 5g, cooking wine, Shuidian powder 15g, onion and ginger powder 10g, egg white 1, salad oil 500g

Preparation method:

1. Dice chicken with egg white and starch starch for standby; wash celery and cut into small pieces; wash carrot and peel and dice; soak mushrooms in water and dice; fry pine nuts well.

2. Blanch celery, carrot and Lentinus edodes in boiling water. Remove and control to dry.

3. Place the pan on the fire, add oil to 40% heat, add chicken oil, remove and drain oil for standby. Leave a little oil in the pot, stir fry the onion and ginger powder, add cooking wine, salt and monosodium glutamate, thicken with water lake powder, stir fry evenly with raw materials, and put into a container made of mango.

[mango Nuomici]

Ingredients: 150g glutinous rice flour, 20g coconut powder, 250g milk, 50g sugar powder, half mango, 40g starch, 25g salad oil

1. Mix glutinous rice flour, flour and sugar, add salad oil and milk, and stir into a paste without particles;

2. Put the mixture into the steamer and steam until set, about 15 minutes;

3. Peel mango and cut into small pieces for use;

4. Put the steamed glutinous rice balls out of the pot and keep them warm. Spread some water on your hands to prevent them from sticking to your hands. Flatten a small piece of dough and wrap it into the stuffing;

5. The stuffing will be wrapped up like a dumpling to make it round;

6. Wrap the prepared Nuomici with coconut milk.

Mango ice cream

Ingredients: 200g mango, 180g light milk, appropriate amount of cherry, 18G sugar

1. Materials: 200g mango pulp, 180g light milk, 18G fine granulated sugar, appropriate amount of cherry;

2. Mango pulp into the cooking machine into a fine mud, cherry chopped spare;

3. Light milk and fine granulated sugar beat to six or seven distribution, probably can barely flow the appearance can;

4. Mix the mango puree with the whipped milk; mix the ice cream paste with the chopped cherry;

5. Put the ice cream into the box and refrigerate. Every hour, take it out and stir it.

Eating mango should also pay attention to the following:

1. Mango can not be eaten after a meal, and can not be eaten together with garlic and other spicy substances, otherwise, it can cause yellow disease. At present, the mechanism is not clear, but this is a secular experience. According to modern reports, there are cases of nephritis caused by eating too much mango, so we should pay attention to it. 2. Mango leaves or juice can cause dermatitis in people with allergic constitution, so pay attention to it.

3. Mango, is a small number of rich protein fruit, eat more easy to satiate. Traditionally, it can benefit the eyes and moisturize the skin. It is estimated that it contains carotene. Its nucleus can also be used as medicine, can detoxify, eliminate stagnation and reduce blood pressure.

4. According to the analysis of the nature and taste of traditional Chinese medicine, mango is a kind of fruit with smooth nature and sweet taste, which can quench thirst and produce fluid. Raw food can stop vomiting and cure seasickness, and its effect is the same as sour plum. Those who are not used to riding on boats may feel depressed in their chest after suffering from turbulence. Mango may be used as "medicine". Pregnant women for nausea, can eat mango meat or mango fried water to eat. The only thing to pay attention to is that mango nature with dampness, if you have skin disease or tumor, you should remember to avoid eating.

5. Dampness is one of the six pathogenic factors in traditional Chinese medicine. Skin diseases such as eczema, sores and pus, gynecological diseases such as leucorrhea, and internal diseases such as edema and beriberi can be described as dampness. People with wet constitution may eat dampness food such as mango, which may worsen the situation. On the contrary, some people will worry that eating mango will increase the number of acne, which is an over consideration.