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The yellow and dry leaves of Anthurium andraeanum

Anthurium andraeanum is a kind of plant that can not only view flowers but also enjoy leaves. Anthurium andraeanum has a peculiar flower shape, a Buddha flame inflorescence, gorgeous flowers and beautiful leaves, which is deeply loved by flower friends. But recently, some flower friends told Xiaobian that the leaves of Anthurium andraeanum in her house were yellow and dry. What should I do. Pro, don't worry, there are many reasons for the yellow and dry leaves of Anthurium andraeanum. Let's read down to understand it!

The cause analysis and treatment of the yellow and dry leaves of Anthurium andraeanum are as follows: 1. The environmental mutation causes the leaves of Anthurium andraeanum to turn yellow: the environmental mutation includes soil discomfort, and the medium and water in most areas in the North contain more saline and alkali. Due to the lack of soluble iron element that the plant needs to absorb, the leaves will gradually lose their green and turn yellow.

Solution: using oxalic acid and other treatment media and watering water.

2. Excessive watering will cause the leaves of Anthurium andraeanum to turn yellow (water yellow): too much and too much water will make the medium in the basin too wet for a long time, and even accumulate water, which will cause some fibrous roots to rot, hinder normal respiration and nutrient absorption, and cause the leaves to turn yellow and fall off gradually.

Solution: water normally.

3. The leaves of Anthurium andraeanum are yellow (dry yellow) due to long-term water shortage. The photosynthesis rate of Anthurium andraeanum will be reduced due to long-term water shortage, resulting in yellowing and withering of leaves.

Solution: immediately pour appropriate amount of water.

4. Air drying results in yellowing of Anthurium andraeanum leaves: in winter, when the indoor air is too dry, the leaf tip will be dry and yellow, or the leaf edge will be scorched, or the leaves will be burnt and curled.

Solution: according to the growth characteristics of Anthurium andraeanum, increase air humidity appropriately.

5. Insufficient sunlight causes the leaves of Anthurium andraeanum to turn yellow (lack of light): if Anthurium andraeanum is placed in the shade or the place with insufficient light for a long time, it will lead to weak growth, thin and yellow leaves, no flowering or few flowers.

Solution: according to the growth characteristics of Anthurium andraeanum, increase the light intensity appropriately.

The leaves of Anthurium andraeanum are yellow and dry

6. If the temperature is too high, the leaves of Anthurium andraeanum will turn yellow. If the temperature is too high, the transpiration of plants will be too high, and the water and nutrient supply of roots will be insufficient, which will also make the leaves yellow.

Solution: transplant indoor ventilation

7. If the temperature is too low, the leaves of Anthurium andraeanum will turn yellow when the indoor temperature is too low

Solution: keep the temperature in the greenhouse relatively stable.

8. Excessive fertilization of Anthurium andraeanum leaves leads to yellow leaves (yellow): excessive fertilization will also cause new leaves to be thick and uneven, and old leaves will be dry tip and burnt yellow

Solution: at this time, fertilization should be stopped immediately, watering should be increased, and part of the old soil should be removed and replaced with new culture soil for normal management.

9. The results showed that the leaves of Anthurium andraeanum were yellow due to the lack of fertilizer for a long time, and the leaves were thin and yellow due to the lack of nitrogen and other nutrients in the soil.

Solution: increase nitrogen fertilizer.

10. Diseases and insect pests lead to yellow leaves of Anthurium andraeanum: Anthurium andraeanum is generally resistant to diseases and insect pests, but attention should be paid to avoid the harm of snails, slugs, termites, moth larvae, aphids, mice, etc. The common diseases are bacterial leaf blight, anthracnose, root rot, Phytophthora Blight and so on. The key of disease is prevention.

Solution: spray fungicides such as mancozeb, Junduqing and carbendazim once a month or so in a small spray pot.

Healthy Anthurium andraeanum leaves maintenance experience: 1. Nutrient solution suitable for Anthurium andraeanum

It is suggested to choose foliage plant nutrient solution. It must be replaced every 7-10 days. Periodic replacement of water for Anthurium andraeanum can remove the mucus secreted from the roots of Anthurium andraeanum and some algae. The temperature in summer is higher than that in winter. It is suggested to change the water of Anthurium andraeanum 2-3 days. The water should not be too full to prevent the root rot of Anthurium andraeanum. It is better to keep about half of the roots of Anthurium andraeanum exposed to the water. It can ensure the absorption of oxygen by roots.

2. Illumination and temperature for hydroponics Anthurium andraeanum

Anthurium likes half shade, warm and humid environment is also one of the requirements of Anthurium andraeanum growing environment. It is afraid of the sun exposure, in the process of breeding to pay special attention to the location, the best placed in ventilation and ventilation can avoid strong light. In summer, the water culture of Anthurium andraeanum should pay attention to the ambient temperature not higher than 28 ℃. The relative air humidity should be kept at 80%. When the weather is dry, appropriate amount of water should be sprinkled on the leaves of Anthurium andraeanum. In winter, the temperature of hydroponic culture of Anthurium andraeanum should not be lower than 14 degrees. When the temperature is lower than this temperature, Anthurium andraeanum is prone to freeze injury. Pay attention to keep it warm and warm. And control the air humidity at about 80%, and we must avoid putting Anthurium andraeanum outdoors, otherwise it is easy to cause Anthurium frostbite.


3. The way of increasing oxygen in hydroponic Anthurium andraeanum

The problem of hydroponic cultivation of Anthurium andraeanum is that less dissolved oxygen in water will cause rotten root of Anthurium andraeanum, so the oxygen content in water should be increased in time. One of the most simple methods is vibration, one hand fixed flower plants, the other hand holding utensils gently shaking more than 10 times. After shaking, the dissolved oxygen content of nutrient solution can be increased by about 30%. Or add 1% hydrogen peroxide (3% hydrogen peroxide) to the nutrient solution. If possible, micro submersible pump or aeration pump can be used to oxygenate the nutrient solution. Expanding knowledge - the geomantic function of Anthurium andraeanum has high ornamental value, and its Fengshui effect is not small. Anthurium has slender stems, green and thick leaves, red flowers and golden inflorescences, which are more suitable for home furnishing. The red flower is long at the top, which has the meaning of good fortune. There is a golden stripe flower spike in the leaves, which means that there is gold in the hand. The geomantic omen is very good and has the function of attracting money. In addition, Anthurium andraeanum can also play the role of five elements transformation, so as to resolve some unfavorable factors of geomantic omen.