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Stunt | flower market 7 skills, too important!

Stunt | flower market 7 skills, too important!

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How to choose flowers in the flower market? How to avoid the dilemma that flowers will die when they are bought back? Today, I will teach you some flower selection skills.


According to the characteristics of the indoor environment and personal preferences, plants can better adapt to the environment of the location, and also can keep close to the plants to produce joy, which is beneficial to both.


Select young, vigorous and disease-free seedlings. The so-called young age refers to 1-2-year-old seedlings, should choose smooth stems, more branches and leaves, if you choose perennial flowers, you should choose the plants with luxuriant clumps and vigorous growth. The so-called disease-free means that the branches and leaves have no disease spots, no eggs or secretions, and the leaf color is normal. The survival rate of this kind of seedlings after transplanting is higher, and the slow seedlings are also fast.


Carefully observe the growth of flowers when purchasing. Choose the plants with beautiful shape, symmetrical development, no deviation, natural and glossy leaves, moderate and thick leaves, straight and upward.


Pay attention to seasonality when choosing seedlings. In particular, the bare root woody flower seedlings must be purchased in the dormancy period after the fall leaves fall and before the spring leaves, while the perennial root herbaceous flowers should be purchased before the autumn split planting, and the survival rate of the seedlings is high after the purchase. If it is potted seedlings, they can be purchased and cultivated throughout the growing season.


Generally, families choose to buy plants in various flower markets. Due to a certain distance from home and bumpy roads, roots will be loosened by shaking plants. At this time, plastic bags can be used to cover the plants just bought to prevent wind or damage. After the potted plants are bought home, the plants are now placed in the area without strong light and good ventilation to keep the potted soil moist and take root. After a few days of cultivation, the plants are placed in the place where they want to be placed. This process is called slow seedling, generally through this process, the plant can adapt to the environment and start to grow.


In the purchase of flower seedlings, attention should also be paid to prevent the fake from being confused with the true, such as Ligustrum lucidum pretending to be osmanthus, Euonymus japonicus, and rose as rose.


After the potted seedlings are bought back, if it is a new potted plant, it is necessary to check whether it is permeable and breathable, and whether the basin soil is suitable for plant growth. If there is any problem, it must be improved in time.

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