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Vermiculite culture of meaty use: with soil, hair roots can be, not recommended to use pure vermicul

Many of the meat plants that have been raised or are being raised also use vermiculite to raise too much meat. Generally speaking, vermiculite can be used for rooting, and the other is used for mixing soil. Of course, some flower friends use pure vermiculite to raise meat. This depends on personal habits.

How to use vermiculite to breed succulent plants

Because of its strong water retention and air permeability, vermiculite can keep the humidity of the planting environment and induce seed germination or plant rooting. Usually, vermiculite is mixed with a large proportion of vermiculite in leaf cutting or sowing. There are also many flower friends who have pure vermiculite hairy roots. It is not only succulent plants, but also can use pure vermiculite for cuttings such as rose and Geranium.

Vermiculite is used to root and vermiculite is used to plant soil

Vermiculite itself does not have any nutrients, but it has better water retention. Some flower friends like to mix vermiculite as particles in the soil, and they have their own views on the advantages and disadvantages. Some flower friends add too much vermiculite when mixing soil, and the water content in the medium is too high, which leads to rotten roots.

Of course, it doesn't negate that vermiculite can't be put in the medium. Generally speaking, it's OK to put 1 part vermiculite in 10 parts of soil, or even less.

Sometimes a lot of statements are not absolute. In some areas, flower friends need better water retention. Vermiculite is very suitable at this time, but some areas don't need medium with good water retention. If vermiculite is still used at this time, it will be a hindrance.

Mixing soil with vermiculite

Pure vermiculite for meat production:

Due to the high water holding capacity of pure vermiculite soil, it is easy to lead to overgrowth of succulent plants (as shown in the figure below). Therefore, pure vermiculite is not suitable for breeding fleshy plants. At most, it is used to sow hair roots. It is suggested that Huayou use other soil to make meat grow better!

Using pure vermiculite to breed meat