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Duck palm wood picture with introduction: free download of photo album pictures

The tree is also known as Schefflera octophylla (Lour.) Harms is a species of Acanthopanax family in Angiospermae. It is a common plant of evergreen broad-leaved forest in tropical and subtropical areas. It is native to subtropical rainforests in Oceania, Guangdong, Fujian, and South America, and also distributed in Japan, Vietnam and India.

Dactylon is now widely planted around the world. Dactylon evergreen shrub. It has many branches and dense branches. Palmate compound leaves, 5-8 leaflets, oblong, leathery, dark green, glossy. Panicle, floret light red, berry deep red. This species is a nectar plant in southern China in winter; its wood is soft, and it is used as raw material for matchstick and steamer; its leaves and root bark are used for folk medicine to treat influenza, injury and other diseases.

Dactylon has a certain adaptability to temporary drought and dry air. It can grow in full sunlight, half sunshine or half shade. However, there is a certain relationship between light intensity and leaf color. The leaf color tends to be lighter when the light intensity is strong, and the leaf color is dark green when it is half cloudy. Under the bright light, the color of variegated species is more vivid. The soil is suitable for fertile, loose and well drained sandy loam. Potted soil is a mixture of peat soil, rotten leaf soil and coarse sand.

The large-scale potted plant is suitable for the display in the hotel hall, library reading room and Museum exhibition hall, presenting a natural and harmonious green environment. Spring, summer, autumn can also be placed in the shade of the courtyard and balcony of the building to watch. It can be planted alone in the courtyard. It is a nectar source plant in winter in South China. Potted plants decorate guest rooms, study rooms and bedrooms, with a strong flavor of the times. It can bring fresh air to smoking families. Picture appreciation of duck palm wood

Picture of potted dactylon

Picture of duck palm and water drop