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Saffron price: ordinary 50 ~ 80 yuan / g, super class to hundreds of yuan a gram

Saffron is a kind of precious medicinal material, it has a good effect of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, unblocking meridians and relieving pain. It is said that it was introduced into China through Tibet, so it was named "saffron". But because of soil, climate and other reasons, Tibet does not produce medicinal saffron. What is the price of Saffron? Read down with Xiaobian!

Saffron price saffron price saffron has a variety of effects such as promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, dredging channels and relieving pain. It is a relatively valuable tonic, so the price is generally higher. Some of the better varieties of saffron are generally several hundred and one gram, and the saffron of ordinary drugstores generally ranges from 50 to 80 per gram. If crocus is sold on the Internet, the price is generally slightly lower, generally tens of yuan per gram, but the seller should be carefully selected.

Gift hall Iran imported saffron 5g bottle price: ¥ 99.00

Guankang saffron 5g price: ¥ 98.00

Tongrentang super saffron 1000mg price: ¥ 59.00

Jinhe Iran imported saffron 5g price: ¥ 88.00

Hancaohui saffron 1g price: ¥ 27.80

Sanjiangyuan saffron 1g price: ¥ 102.00

Zhuang min saffron 6G price: ¥ 399.00

Saffron is a kind of valuable traditional Chinese medicine. Some illegal drug dealers will use low-cost saffron to fake saffron and make huge profits. Therefore, attention should be paid to the identification when purchasing crocus. Here are some identification methods for saffron

1. Soaking method: take 3 crocuses in water, and soak 3 cups of water continuously within 1 hour. The color of the water is clear yellow, while the saffron basically does not change color, and any fake can not be done.

2. Observation method: put saffron in a plastic bag and shake it again. Some saffron will stick yellow pollen on the plastic bag, and the thin layer of light yellow is easy to identify, but there is no fake.

3. Drop iodine method: take saffron on the glass, drop a drop of iodine, the original does not change color, fake into other colors.

4. Observation method: take a little crocus and immerse it in water or alcohol. The stigma of saffron is yellow and orange, and the saffron is a hollow pistil.

5. Mixing method: a little sample, immersed in water, stir, the real product is not easy to break, if broken, it is a fake.

The role of saffron 1, immune regulation: saffron is used to treat a variety of chronic diseases in the human body. Through its effect of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, it can enhance the body's endurance and lymphocyte proliferation reaction, so as to improve the body's cellular immunity and humoral immunity, adjust the human body's Qi Movement and balance the body's Yin and Yang.

2. Effect on liver and gall: Saffron has cholagogic effect, crocin acid can reduce cholesterol and increase fat metabolism. It can be used in the treatment of fatty liver with hawthorn, Cassia obtusifolia, Alisma orientalis and other traditional Chinese medicine. Crocus sativus can improve microcirculation, promote the secretion and excretion of bile, so as to reduce the abnormal increase of globulin and total bilirubin, which can be used in the treatment of cirrhosis after chronic viral hepatitis. Saffron acid has chemical preventive effect on acute liver injury caused by toxic substances, and it is hopeful to be used in the treatment of chronic cholecystitis.

3. Effect on kidney: at present, it is considered that the pathogenesis of glomerulonephritis is closely related to platelets and the inflammatory mediators released by platelets. Crocus sativus has been used to interfere with the animal model of nephritis and has achieved obvious curative effect. Saffron can keep the renal capillaries unobstructed, increase the renal blood flow and promote the repair of inflammatory injury.


4. Effects on circulatory system: saffron extract has an exciting effect on respiration. Under the condition of normal pressure and hypoxia, it can enhance the oxygen metabolism function of cells, improve the ability of heart hypoxia tolerance, reduce the damage of cardiac myocytes caused by strenuous exercise to a certain extent, and have a certain protective effect on the heart.

5. Anti tumor effect: modern research has found that saffron preparation has obvious anti-cancer and anti-cancer ability.

6. Blood tonic effect: it is better to take saffron to replenish qi. Although it has side effects, it does not matter as long as it is not excessive. At the same time, it has good effects on irregular menstruation, endocrine disorders, and anti-aging, beauty and beauty. Suggest that you mm according to the saffron efficacy and eating method said to do, or can completely improve the skin color, beauty and beauty. Saffron side effects common side effects of saffron: abdominal discomfort, abdominal pain, diarrhea, or even gastrointestinal bleeding, abdominal colic, women with excessive menstruation, some can appear delirium, tremor, severe cases can lead to convulsion, respiratory excitement and inhibition, and even circulatory and respiratory failure; a few patients have dizziness, rash and transient urticaria.

This is mainly related to the exciting effect of Safflower on intestine and uterus, so it is forbidden to use during menstruation. Side effects are mainly due to misuse or excessive dosage, so saffron should be used under the guidance of doctors.