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Price of five needle pine: the price varies from several hundred yuan to several thousand yuan accor

The five needle pine is named after its five leaves. It is a kind of tree species with high ornamental value because of its natural and vigorous posture, dark green leaves, beautiful and elegant scenery. This also means that it has a high price. Let's take a look at the price of Wuzhen pine

Price of five needle pine five needle pine (unit: yuan / tree)

Price of five needle pine

Warm tips: the above price is for reference only, and the specific price shall be subject to negotiation with the merchant. Key points of maintenance of Pinus elliottii with moderate illumination

Pinus quinquefasciatus is a kind of neutral plant, which can grow in sunny or shady places. However, when it is maintained in sunny and airy places, the needles grow green and strong; in the places with insufficient light and hot, the needles grow thin and yellow easily. It is better to give 5-6 hours of light every day, and maintain good ventilation conditions. But in the hot noon of midsummer, in order to prevent the needle leaves from being burnt by excessive sunlight, we can take measures such as shading, and allow them to fully accept the sunlight at other times.

Control watering

The potted landscape of Pinus quinquefolia should be watered properly. As the saying goes, "dry pines and wet cypresses", it is suggested that pines should be dried. Because of the high temperature in summer, the basin soil is easy to dry. Generally, the water should be watered once in the morning and once in the morning. In the evening, it should be determined according to the dry and wet conditions of the basin soil. In case of a shower, it is necessary to cover the rain in time to avoid the loss of nutrients in the soil.

Regular fertilization

Fertilization is the key to the growth of Pinus quinquefasciatus, which can be combined with watering. From July to August, the weather is hot, so it is appropriate to apply 10% of thin fertilizer water once a half month. In addition, attention should be paid to the five needle pine shade after fertilization, not to let the sun exposure.

Five needle pine bonsai appreciation of small expansion - the efficacy of five needle pine 1, five needle pine can beauty and beauty

Five needle pine is rich in a variety of essential energy elements, such as amino acids, vitamins and other natural elements. Therefore, five needle pine can enhance skin metabolism function, increase skin elasticity, thus delaying aging. In addition, the vitamin in Wuzhen pine can protect our hair and make it shine.

2. Five needle pine can treat skin diseases

The pine powder of Wuzhen pine has strong water absorption, so it can play the role of astringency and hemostasis. Moreover, Wuzhen pine is a kind of natural non irritating medicine, which can play a natural and non prickly role on the skin. In addition, the external application of pine pollen for the elderly can stop the itching of the skin. In addition, the price is close to the people, so it is very suitable for the elderly to use.

3. Five needle pine can resist aging

The energy elements contained in Pinus elliottii can remove free radicals in the body, inhibit the oxidation of cells, so as to improve cell activity and eliminate senile plaques on the face. It seems that people are rejuvenated and rejuvenated.

4. Five needle pine can lose weight

Wuzhen pine is rich in fiber and unsaturated fatty acids, which can inhibit the accumulation of fat in human body, so as to achieve the effect of weight loss.

Potted culture of Pinus armandi in laboratory