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Price of scallion: price situation and related knowledge of scallion in different regions

Onion is a necessary thing in the daily kitchen. In the north, it is mainly used as a seasoning, and it can prevent and cure the disease. It is a good vegetable medicine. Leeks are mostly used for frying, frying and frying, while leeks are often produced in the south, which is a common seasoning, also known as chives, generally used for raw food or cold dishes. Do you know the price of scallion then? Now Xiaobian will show you the prices of scallions in different places.

Price of scallion

Onion price notice: the above prices are for reference. If you want to know the local price, please consult the dealer. The effect and function of scallion 1. Vasodilation.

Scallion is rich in vitamin C, has the function of relaxing small blood vessels, promoting blood circulation, preventing dizziness caused by rising blood pressure, keeping brain flexible and preventing Alzheimer's disease. The volatile oil and capsaicin of scallion can dispel the peculiar smell in the greasy dishes, such as houttuynous mutton, and produce special fragrance. If they are eaten together with mushrooms, they can also play a role in promoting blood circulation.

2. Lower cholesterol.

Scallion can reduce the accumulation of bad cholesterol. People who often eat scallion, even if they are fat and fat, do not increase their cholesterol, and they are strong. The leaves contain more vitamin A, C and calcium than the white parts.

3. Relieve fatigue.

Green onions, like onions, contain allylthioether, a substance that stimulates the secretion of gastric juice and promotes appetite. When ingested together with foods with more vitamin B1 content, it will promote the starch and sugar quality of food to become heat, which can alleviate fatigue.

Effect of scallion

4. Invigorating yang and nourishing yin.

All kinds of vitamins in Scallion can ensure the normal secretion of human hormones, and can effectively stimulate sexual desire, thus "invigorating yang and nourishing Yin". Therefore, for men, they can eat leeks or chives three times a week, which can be fried, cold mixed or used as seasoning to achieve the effect of invigorating the Yang and nourishing the Yin.

5. Detoxification and seasoning.

Onion is pungent and mild in nature. It has the function of releasing Yang and detoxifying seasoning. It is mainly used for cold and wind, cold and abdominal pain, cold and fever, headache and stuffy nose, milk blockage, and other disadvantages. Allicin, diallyl sulfide and calcium oxalate are the main components in the oil. In addition, it also contains fat, sugar, carotene, vitamin B, C, niacin, calcium, magnesium, iron and other ingredients.

6. Cancer prevention.

The pectin contained in shallot can obviously reduce the occurrence of colon cancer and has anticancer effect. Allicin in onion can also inhibit the growth of cancer cells; onion also contains trace element selenium, which can reduce the content of nitrite in gastric juice, and has a certain effect on the prevention of gastric cancer and a variety of cancers.

7. Sweating and bacteriostasis.

Onion can stimulate the sweat glands of the body to sweat and dissipate heat; onion oil can stimulate the upper respiratory tract, making mucus sputum easy to cough up. Allicin contained in onion can resist bacteria and virus, especially Shigella and fungi.

The nutritional value of scallion contains carotene, vitamin B, vitamin C, iron, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and other minerals, as well as allicin, which has strong bactericidal and virus inhibiting effects. Eating raw scallion can prevent and treat colds. Eating three green onions (about 60 grams) raw every day can play a very good role in preventing influenza. Shallot knowledge 1. Selection of shallot

The fresh green onion should be thick, white, compact and solid; the green leaf is green or tender green, without yellowing or wilting leaves. The old onion (i.e. the onion stored by air drying method) should choose the kind with relatively more white part, dry and solid appearance, certain quantity, no rot of onion root, no flowering and seed of onion leaf.

2. Storage of scallion

1) Soak in water. Choose the scallion that is thick and white and does not rot. insert the root of the scallion vertically downward in the basin with water. The scallion will not rot, but will continue to grow.

2) Drying method. Wilt the green onion leaves, do not remove them, bundle them, and put them in the shade of the balcony. Remember not to get wet with water, so as not to rot, too dry is not good, it will dry and empty.

3) The frozen green onion is restored. Recovery is only relative to frozen onion, it is impossible to completely recover to the previous texture. Once the onion is frozen, do not move it, so as not to crush the ice particles in the cell gap to crush the cells, causing the cell fluid to overflow and cause decay. When using frozen onion, it should be handled with care and placed indoors for a period of time to thaw it slowly and then use it.