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Price of Reed: introduction of reed price and relevant knowledge

Reed is a kind of economic crop full of treasure. Its reed stalk can be used for weaving, papermaking and animal feed. Its reed flower can be made into a broom. Its root is a good Chinese medicine. In addition, it can also be used as a green plant in a pond or lake to purify water quality. So what's the price of reed? Let's take a look at the price of Reed:

Price of reed

Reed price

Warm tip: the above price is for reference only, and the specific price shall be subject to negotiation with the merchant. The planting method of Phragmites communis is to plant the seeds of Phragmites communis.

Let's first see how to grow reed through reed seeds. One is sowing. The seed of reed is stored in reed ear. After harvesting reed every year, we will cut reed ear and dry it for use. The sowing season should be well controlled. The reed field should be irrigated two days before sowing, and the water should be drained after soaking for two days. The sowing density is 150 Jin seeds per hectare. During sowing, the seedlings shall be evenly sown and each seed shall be buried in the soil. After that, we should strengthen the field management, keep the irrigation height of seed field below the seedling height, and weed and apply fertilizer in time

2、 It is planted by transplanting reed seedlings.

When the seedling is about 20 cm long, it can be transplanted. The distance between transplanting reed seedlings should be kept at 1 square meter and a pit. After transplanting, water should be poured in time. The height of irrigation should be kept below the seedling body, and the height of irrigation should continue to increase with the growth of the seedling body. Third, harvest. Reed can gain many years' profit only by planting once. Every year when the reed is mature, generally before winter, we only harvest the reed above the root, and the next year when we harvest it, we will grow new reed seedlings again. After harvesting, the leaves scattered on the water surface should be cleaned in time to prevent the root of reed from corruption.

Application value of reed reed reed is a plant with high application value. Reed and its products can be used in living and production environment.

1. Reed is one of the important raw materials for making paper and man-made fiber. The content of cellulose in reed is very high. It is an excellent substitute for wood in papermaking industry and fiber manufacturing industry.

2. Reeds can be used as ornamental plants. Because reed has the functions of cold resistance, cold resistance, high temperature resistance, lodging resistance, high survival rate, fast growth speed, purification of water quality, soil protection and Embankment Consolidation, it can be planted in many wetland parks or large-scale urban parks. For example, we can often see reeds in national parks such as Europe.

3. Reed can be used as medicine. The famous Chinese medicine Pharmacopoeia compendium of Materia Medica records the use of Reed: "Luye is used to treat cholera, nausea, carbuncle and gangrene". In the book of Materia Medica, there is a record of the effect of Luhua: "it's the main poison of fish and crab to boil thick juice and take it." It means that Luhua can stop bleeding and detoxify. Reed root can also be used as medicine in traditional Chinese medicine. It has the functions of clearing stomach fire, removing lung heat, strengthening stomach, controlling nausea, diuresis, etc. There are records in 14 ancient Chinese medical books, so reed is also called "golden reed" in traditional Chinese medicine;

4. It can be used as animal feed. Due to the high yield, strong disease resistance and rapid growth of reed, reed leaf, reed flower, reed stem and reed root can be used as forage, so a large number of reed are planted as forage in many areas with animal husbandry as the main economic source.

Reed price: a cultural work of reed

(Dai Fugu)

The head of the river is flat with sunshine, and the Bank of fishing boat Pavilion is inclined with tide receding.

A pair of white birds stand on the water. When they see people, they start to enter the reed flower.

"Qingxi host guest song"

(Wang Chongliang)

The king of the wild played huaifeijie with his hands, and there were banners when he came back from the gate. With a smile on his eyebrows, he had a purple beard in autumn, and the moon of keting was still in his sleeve.

The owner of Shanyin carries the snow boat and raises the canopy to tie the head of Qingxi river. In my life, I don't have a sense of ear heat. If I stay in the clouds for holding.

A cross jade west wind, Luhua does not move gull fly. The horse's hoof is still in the green mountain, and the willow tip is soaked in the moon and the sky is like water.

Chanting reed

(Yu Yafei)

Shallow water in the tide wetland, graceful reed cluster;

Swaying in the wind, it's simple and wild.

Reed in the wind