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Cultivation of golden tiger cactus: water temperature and light should be well controlled

Jinhu, also known as ivory ball and Jinhu cactus, is the representative of the strong prickly ball cactus. It has a round green ball and a hard steel golden yellow prickle. It has a long life span and easy cultivation. The flowers of large-scale golden succins are vigorous, resplendent and of high ornamental value. Moreover, it is a very ideal ornamental plant for urban family greening.

The giant golden tiger cactus has a strong ecological habit. It likes calcareous soil, dry, warm and sunny. It is required to have sufficient sunlight, be afraid of cold, avoid humidity, and grow well in calcareous sandy soil. Happy light enough, at least 6 hours of direct sunlight every day. In summer, shade should be appropriate, but not too much, otherwise, the longer the sphere, the lower the ornamental value. The suitable temperature for growing is 25 ℃ in the daytime and 10 ~ 13 ℃ in the evening. The suitable temperature difference between day and night can accelerate the growth of golden succins. In winter, it should be put into the greenhouse or indoor sunny place, and the temperature should be kept at 8-10 ℃. If the temperature is too low in winter, ugly yellow spots will appear on the sphere. It is easy to cultivate and propagate golden amber cactus. It likes fertile sandy loam with calcareous soil. Sufficient sunshine is required, but proper shade can still be provided in summer. The overwintering temperature should be kept at 8-10 ℃, and the basin soil should be dry. It grows faster under the condition of fertile soil and air circulation. Cactus was propagated by seeding and grafting.

Sowing method: the seedling rate of the seeds collected in the same year is high. The seeding was carried out in May to September, and the sphere of seedling had the size of rice or mung bean 30 to 40 days after germination, so it could be transplanted or grafted on the Rootstock to accelerate the growth.

Young ball grafting method: Jinhu is to graft the seedlings which have been cultivated for more than 3 months on a soft ruler to accelerate growth. When the scion grows to a certain size or the rootstock can't support it, it can be cut off and dried before cutting potted plants. In the good environment of fertile soil and air circulation, the seedlings without grafting grow very fast. After potting, the seedlings or grafted balls should be placed in the half shade, avoiding direct sunlight. After 7-10 days, the balls will not shrink, that is to say, they will survive. Although it is a large ball, it will take many years to grow. For example, it takes about 10 years to plant 15cm in diameter, 20 to 40 years for 70cm to 80cm in diameter. Therefore, it must be maintained according to the cultivation requirements to avoid losses.

Watering requirements: wet air, drought resistance. In spring and autumn, the cactus should be given enough water, while in winter and summer dormancy, the water should be controlled.

Fertilizer requirements: like fertilizer, grow rapidly in fertile soil.

Requirements for basin soil: it is suitable to grow in loam containing calcareous and gravel, and change basin once a year. When changing pots, prune the withered roots and long old roots. Only when the roots are dry, can they be moved into another pot.

Temperature requirements: like warmth, the most suitable temperature for growth is 25-35 ℃, not resistant to low temperature, and prone to browning and decay when the temperature is below 5 ℃.

Light requirements: like sunshine, mid summer is suitable for half Yin, prevent ball top burn. Spring, summer and autumn should be put in sunny place all day. For example, the long-term indoor storage of Jinhu will affect its body color and long spines, and the sphere will be deformed and abnormal, thus losing its ornamental value. Jin Hu winter to put in the windowsill where there is sunlight, put a period of time to turn the basin, so that the sphere is evenly illuminated.

Pay attention to cold prevention: Jinhu is not cold resistant. When the temperature drops to about 5 ℃, it can be moved into the room where there is sunshine, keep the basin soil dry, and guard against the cold wind.

Golden Tiger cactus