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Cause analysis of the wilting of crab claw orchid: the wilting cause of crab claw orchid may be rott

I believe many flower friends who have raised or are raising crab claw orchid have encountered the wilting of crab claw orchid leaves or the whole plant. Why does a good crab claw orchid wilt? What should we do when we encounter such a situation? What Xiaobian wants to remind is that the leaves of crab claw are wilting. We should distinguish the situation and never rush to medical treatment. This article will analyze several common situations that lead to the wilting of crab claw leaves for your reference.

Cause analysis of crabapple wilting cause analysis of crabapple wilting cause 1: there is something wrong with the root system of crabapple;

Most of the leaf wilting of crab claw is caused by root problems, such as rotten roots (Fig. 1), including new cuttings, or improper watering. The best solution to this situation is to change pots and soil again.

Some flower friends have done such an experiment: dig out the withered crab claw orchid and insert it into the water. Within a few days, the crab leaves are firm, which shows that the root system is the root cause of the soft leaves. Of course, this does not mean that there is a problem with this pot of crab claw orchid. Compared with the dormancy period in the following aspects, it is a special case.

Crab claw wilting - rotten roots

Reason 2: crab claw enters dormancy;

There are about two dormancy periods of crab claw every year. One is after flowering and the other is in summer. It is normal for the leaves of crab claw to wilt during dormancy. Flower friends don't have to worry. They just need to reduce the amount of watering and let the basin soil have a little water. Remember not to water more, but lead to rotten roots.

Because the situation of Huayou is different, and the wilting of crab claw orchid is also different, Huayou should not worry first. Check whether your crab is in normal dormancy or there is a problem in the root step by step. Generally speaking, we can use exclusion methods, such as how long the crab has been raised, whether there has been any major action in the near future, and whether it is in dormancy at present, Another is to compare the crab claw orchids of other flower friends to see if the state is similar.

Finally, when the crab claw orchid leaves wilt, don't worry too much, because the crab is not so easy to die. Even if it wilts, it can be recovered, mainly to find the problem.

Crab claw wilting - dormancy period