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How to deal with yellowing of pink palm leaves: yellowing of leaves is caused by a variety of factor

Recently, I've always heard Huayou say that their pink palm leaves turn yellow, but I don't know what causes them. I believe many Huayou want to know how to deal with the yellow leaves of pink palm. First of all, we must find out the cause before we can prescribe the right medicine. Generally speaking, the yellow leaves of pink palm are mainly due to improper lighting, too much or too little watering, poor air circulation, insufficient nutrients in the basin or too much fertilization, Yellow leaves are caused by diseases, pests and other reasons. Let's see how to control them.

Cause analysis and treatment methods of yellowing of Palmetto leaves: first, improper lighting: the leaves cannot carry out photosynthesis and lack of nutrients after being placed in the shelter for a long time, and the leaves will gradually turn yellow. If they are exposed to direct sunlight, especially in summer, they will burn the leaves and cause the leaves to scorch and turn yellow.

Solution: during daily management, attention should be paid to light, half shade or scattered light can be used, and full sunshine can be used in winter.

2、 Excessive watering: the young leaves on the top of pink palm are yellowish, the old leaves are also gradually yellowing, and the new shoots are shrinking. This is caused by long rain or too much watering, too wet in the basin, lack of oxygen in the soil and rotten roots.

Solution: loosen the soil often, control watering and avoid heavy rain spraying.

3、 Long term water shortage: the leaf color on the top of pink palm is normal, and the lower leaves gradually dry up and fall off. This is caused by the aging of the lower leaves and branches because the soil is too full or the watering is not transparent for a long time.

Solution: water properly to keep the soil moist.

4、 Long term lack of fertilizer: the leaves of pink palm are thin and yellow, which is caused by the large and small pots of flowers, or the lack of pots, soil and fertilizer for a long time.

Solution: gradually increase water and fertilizer and change pots in time.

5、 Excessive fertilization: the leaves of powdered palm appear concave convex and unsmooth, the new leaves are plump, and the old leaves turn yellow.

Solution: water frequently, suspend fertilization, sprinkle a la carte seeds in the basin, pull them out after emergence, so as to consume the fertilizer in the basin and restore the normal growth of flowers and trees.

6、 Pests and diseases:

Observe carefully to see if there is a red spider behind the leaves of the pink palm plant. If so, observe whether it is brought by the newly bought flowers or the flowers at home because of poor ventilation. Pay attention after finding out the cause! If no insects are found, it is leaf yellow disease caused by poor ventilation( Pay attention to ventilation (it can be improved).

Cultivation methods and precautions of water cultured powder palms with yellow leaves 1. Dig out the potted powder palms from the soil, cut off the rotten roots, hairy roots and old leaves, wash them with clean water, disinfect them in potassium permanganate solution, and then clean the powder palms with clean water. If transparent glassware is used for hydroponic powder palm, it is best to cover a black plastic bag outside the glass to prevent strong light. Cover it with a transparent convenience bag (thermal insulation and moisturizing). Place it where the scattered light is, and keep the temperature above 10 degrees.

2. During the domestication of hydroponic powder palm, the water should be changed frequently, once every three days in the first half month and once a week in the second half month. Every time you change the water, you should add a nutrient solution. The nutrient solution should be special for hydroponic flowers. A month later, new roots will grow, and the new roots will be relatively adapted to the aquatic environment. The leaves began to sprout.

3. Powder palm hydroponic upper basin. The hydroponic pink palm flowerpot will be better if it is translucent. Carefully put the root of powdered palm into the water culture basket. River stones or ceramsite can be put into the basket to fix the position of the plant. It is better to add half or 2 / 3 of the water, so that the roots that are not submerged can breathe from the air.

4. The domesticated hydroponic powder palm can change the water according to the actual situation. When there are many impurities in the water, the water should be changed. After a period of time, the hydroponic flower pot should also be cleaned. The nutrient solution should not be used too often, because it will cause the eutrophication of the water, accelerate the propagation of microorganisms in the water, and the oxygen content of the water will drop sharply, which is not conducive to plant growth.

5. If you use a large flowerpot for hydroponics, you can also raise small fish in the water. Plants and fish are mutually beneficial and form a scene accordingly. Kill two birds with one stone.

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