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Spring garden, look at those big leaf plants in the yard

In this continuous spring rain, do you feel bored? Of course not. Go to see the flowers in the early morning of the weekend. They are all growing vigorously. Here are the collection of potters. Which plant do you like better? You can leave a message for your friends.

1 Hosta

First of all, we see the most conspicuous Hosta. Have you ever seen it with three color stripes? What we usually see is monotonous emerald green. Although it hasn't blossomed yet, it's already very gorgeous!

2. Oldenlandia cordata

They like cool and mild environment, so the owner planted it in the shade of the house, in the north entrance of the yard.

Blue flowers with big leaves of white green stripes, or quite lovely.

3. Columbine

This species of columbine is called "Leprechaun gold". It has wonderful variegated leaves. I like its long pedicels and, of course, its unique flowers. The disadvantage is that it can't stand strong wind, and it's not suitable to maintain in windy places.

This plant has a large purple flower stem. Sometimes raindrops will be sandwiched between the leaves and the stem, and it is impossible for the leaf center to accumulate water for a long time.

4 Blue Leaf Hosta

It is a foliage and flowering plant of Hosta in Liliaceae. This variety is a perennial perennial herb cultivated in horticulture. There are rosette like clusters of leaves, oval leaves, heart-shaped base, obvious veins, blue in the middle, pale yellow edge. In addition to the chic leaves, the flowers are still white, but there are also green and purple stripes. The flowering period is June.

It likes wet environment, loose soil, fertile and good drainage, the best growth. Too much drought or too much light is bad for growth. Fertilize once every 2-3 weeks.

Sowing and propagation are usually carried out in early spring and late autumn. It has beautiful leaf color and is very shade resistant. It is suitable for planting in shady places such as under the forest and in the north of buildings. It is an excellent ornamental ground cover plant. It can be potted or used as an indoor foliage plant. This variety is very cold resistant.

5 Purple calyx

Also known as purple Hosta, Begonia flower, it is a perennial herb of Liliaceae. It is mainly distributed in East China and southwest China, with a small amount in the south of northeast and Japan.

Purple calyx is one of the three species of Hosta, with blue purple flowers. Cold resistant, like Yin, avoid strong sunlight; Used as undergrowth ground cover.

The scape is extracted from the foliage and racemes with purple or lavender flowers. The flowering period is from June to July.

6 Calla Lily

Calla Lily enters dormancy period from June to July. At this time, bulbs around mature plants can be taken off to breed new potted plants. The most suitable season is August to September. Ramet propagation must be in autumn, otherwise it is difficult to blossom in that year, even if it blooms later.

When the Calla Lily was cultivated, the soil was mainly sandy loam, with 1 / 3 of garden soil and 1 / 3 of rotten leaves, and then mixed with 1 / 5 of organic fertilizer. Because the root system grows in the upper part of the ball, the bottom layer of the basin soil should be padded with permeable slag or coarse sand. Add a third of the garden soil and rotten leaves. And add a small amount of organic fertilizer.

It likes moist and fertile soil and grows at 22-30 ℃. It grows slowly below 20 ℃. Pay special attention to keep warm during the winter. Like long light but not strong light, avoid direct sunlight.

7 Canna

It likes to be warm, sunny, humid and cold resistant. It requires deep, fertile and well drained soil.

The suitable growth temperature of Canna is 22-25 ℃. It is necessary to take heat preservation measures in winter for planting in North China, otherwise, it is easy to be damaged by freezing, resulting in leaf and flower withering. In warm areas, Canna can grow all year round.

8 colorful leaf grass

You have not seen the color leafy grass, look at the varieties cultivated by others!

7 alum root

Plant colorist in winter and spring garden, introduction of 30 varieties -- alum root