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How to breed and maintain Bodhi Tree

Lush Bodhi leaves

Linden is an evergreen tree of Moraceae. It is a famous ornamental tree in tropical areas with tall trunk and luxuriant branches. It is also called "Holy tree" by people who believe in Buddhism. It is commonly cultivated in temples in southern China. It should be cultivated indoors in winter. The propagation of bodhi tree usually adopts cutting or high altitude layering method

1、 Cutting method: can be carried out in May to June, select the branches of the year, cut into 8 ~ 10 cm cuttings, insert into plain sand flowerpot or wooden box, pour enough water and place with plastic film, keep the sand fully moist, at 25 ℃, 4-6 weeks can take root. Before cutting, it is better to soak the base of cuttings in rooting powder solution for 3-5 minutes (the concentration is 500-1000 μ L / L). After rooting, the cuttings can be raised and put into the pot. The seedlings can be delayed for 5-7 days in the shade, and then moved to the sunny place for cultivation.

2、 High altitude layering method: select 1-2-year-old strong branches, calculate from the top of the branch, at the length of 25-30 cm, ring peeling (ring stripping belt is about 0.5 cm). Then, 5 cm below the girdling belt, wrap it with plastic film, turn it up into a bag, and fill it with sandy loam (it is better to choose the soil or moss planted with Clivia). Pour enough water to bind the upper opening, and then fix it with bracket. Water from the mouth of the bag once or twice a week, about 40 natural roots. After rooting, the girdling branches were cut off from the mother and planted in another pot. Pay attention to the new seedlings on the basin, to remove the plastic film, but do not get loose soil lump.

Bodhi Tree likes humid environment, suitable temperature 15 ℃ - 30 ℃, overwintering temperature must be kept above 10 ℃. In Guangdong and Fujian of China, bodhi trees can live through the winter in the open, and in the north, they are all potted indoors. During the growth period, fertilizer and water were applied once every two weeks. Bodhi is afraid of pesticides. Once it meets the liquid, its leaves will fall off quickly. After finding diseases and insect pests, wash them with water. Indoor relatively dry environment, it is best to sprinkle water once a day on the leaf surface to increase air humidity and make the plant grow healthily.