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Methods of oral acne elimination

1. The function of mung bean is to clear away heat and detoxify. The treatment result of acne at the beginning is especially good. The method of using mung bean powder is the same as that of taking orally and using it at the same time. When taking the mung bean powder orally, drink it with flushing water. When applying it externally, the mung bean powder will be reduced to paste and applied to the affected area.

2. Pearl powder for internal and external use can remove acne. For external use, you can use pearl powder and aloe vera to make facial mask. It can clear the heat and detoxify, squeeze out the internal toxin, and release the natural causes of acne. The dosage can be 2 times a day, the product of acne removing, 1 grams each time, it is necessary to take the time and ration day, the whitening and freckle product list.

3. Honey can relieve pain and detoxification, and can relieve constipation and moisten intestines. Acne can be caused or alleviated by constipation. Taking honey orally can muddy the lung and precipitation, and promote the balance of the stomach and intestines. When taking it orally, it should be adjusted with warm fire more than 3 times a day, 20-50g each time.