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How to remove acne and greasiness after the Spring Festival for oily skin

Oily skin after the Spring Festival how to dispel acne to greasy? How do you remove acne with oily skin? Oily skin is already annoying enough. If it is full of acne, it will be more painful. Especially during the Spring Festival, greasy diet and irregular living habits are more likely to cause acne. How can oily skin get rid of acne? Let's have a look!

1. The best time to clean the skin every day is once in the morning, once in the evening. Don't clean too much, otherwise it will stimulate cells to secrete more high-quality products and form a vicious circle.

2. When cleaning the skin, do not rub the skin hard, resulting in acne rupture and infection. When washing your hair every day, brush your hair behind your head to avoid the dust and oil on your hair infecting acne and aggravating acne.

3. Develop a habit of not drinking, smoking, eating spicy, fried and high calorie food, eating more fresh vegetables and fruits and drinking more boiled water.

4. Lack of sleep will neglect the function of metabolism, and the function of skin will lose its bactericidal effect. Therefore, we should maintain the good life law of going to bed early and getting up early. Adequate sleep is a good way to beauty and acne removal.

5. Do not use hands or tools to squeeze acne, otherwise it will cause secondary infection or form scars. Each acne has a life cycle and will automatically disappear or fester when the time comes.

6. Keep a cheerful mood and avoid depression and impatience, because people with too much psychological pressure have a hundred times greater chance of acne and seat sores than those with a cheerful mood.

Master these six methods, you can go to work happily without worrying about acne after the Spring Festival! how? Try it!