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How to care for acne after staying up late in the new year? Simple three-step repair of acne muscle

How to care for acne after staying up late in the new year? Simple three-step repair acne muscle! Usher in the new year immediately. Does your skin return to a dull and rough state after staying up late? Does it grow headache acne? Don't worry, the 3-step emergency skin care program helps you care for your skin and remove acne!

Blackhead, acne, coarse pores

On the one hand, staying up late will accelerate the secretion of adrenal hormones, increase sebum secretion and block pores, which will not only cause excessive oil secretion, but also make the skin rough and dull, and the pores lose elasticity and become thicker and thicker. In addition, if the cleaning time is not enough, the skin will be more damaged, such as blackhead, acne or pigmentation. Research reports show that stress, stress and lack of sleep can worsen acne. Therefore, even in winter, acne is still prevalent.

First aid plan

1. No matter how tired you are, you should remember to remove your makeup well. It's best to separate your eyes and lips from your face. After removing your makeup, you can use facial cleanser for thorough cleaning.

2. after cleansing, you can take toner to control the secretion of facial fat, and make skin care products such as essence and cream easier to absorb. If you are oily skin, you can use some cream containing salicylic acid.

3. Although the weather is cold, in order to be beautiful, it is recommended to wash your face alternately with cold and warm water to help shrink pores. Go to the beauty salon for massage, especially after picking acne, the skin pores expand, be sure to use cold spray.

Stay up late and don't be afraid of acne. Simple 3-step emergency care can help you have good skin and have a beautiful New Year!