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What are the key points of oil control and acne elimination for oily skin

What are the key points of oil control and acne elimination for oily skin? Dispelling acne, external application and internal adjustment, maintain skin! For oily skin, it is difficult to control oil and remove acne. How to maintain and care oily skin;? Acne should be treated with both external and internal application. Come and have a try!

Internal adjustment is the key

Oil secretion is exuberant. We should start to overcome the excessive secretion of hereditary sebum through internal adjustment, so as to balance hormone secretion. For internal adjustment, we can regulate it through vitamin B and vitamin E. in addition, honey and royal jelly are also good choices to regulate oily skin and achieve beauty and oil control.

Match with oil control and acne elimination products

Currently, only elubiol has been used as an oil regulator product in the market. It has been proved by medicine that it can effectively inhibit sebaceous glands to secrete most of the oil control mask or control oil condensation. It is to use non capillary weave phenomenon or small particles in the product to absorb the gloss. In addition, basically, oily skin does not need moisturizing lotion. If you must use latex, dermatologists recommend non oily moisturizing lotion, for example, containing fruit acid or glycerin glycerin) and hyaluronic acid hyaluronic acid as moisturizing cream. No doubt, Ou Quan Lin acne removing series is the best choice.

Moisturizing and balancing

Oily skin also needs proper supplement of water. It is the healthy state of skin to supplement water and keep the balance of water and oil. For oily skin, you can choose night moisturizing and nutritional care products, which has better repairing and moisturizing effect. A large amount of vitamin C supply can also play a moisturizing role. Vitamin C can effectively prevent skin aging due to bad environment, with high anti acidification effect. It also has ingredients close to oily skin, and has whitening effect. It is an essential skin care product.

Ouquanlin acne series

Ouquanlin acne series, 48 hours anti acne pioneer, the first time for acne skin to bring timely anti acne care. It contains bacteriostatic factors to prevent bacterial regeneration, LHA promotes cell renewal, directly attacks acne, eliminates traceless, and makes skin smoother and brighter. The unique zinc pidolate ingredient can reduce the oil secretion from the root and effectively dredge the pores. Vitamin CG and vitamin E can effectively resist the oxidation of oil and prevent the formation of acne. With refreshing texture, it uses the calm and soothing hot spring water as the matrix, releases LHA octanoyl salicylic acid for the hair follicle duct with excess oil secretion, and solves the problems of oily skin in the T area, with large pores, sticky skin and easy makeup removal.

Steaming noodles to remove grease

Steaming can dredge facial pores and reduce oil secretion. Steaming is best for 10 minutes per time, which is not easy to be too long. The number of times of steaming depends on the degree of oil production. Generally, the number of times of steaming can be increased if the degree of oil production is more serious, while the number of times of steaming can be reduced if the degree of oil production is less.

Control the number of times to wash your face

The face is easy to produce oily skin. My friend, when you see the oily appearance on your face, you will have the impulse to wash your face. The increased frequency of washing your face can only promote the secretion of sebaceous glands and make your skin more likely to produce oil. Therefore, it is recommended to wash your face no more than three times a day, one time in the morning and one time in the evening. In the case of overheated weather and excessive oil, you can increase the cleaning work at noon.

What are the key points of oil control and acne elimination for oily skin? Dispelling acne, external application and internal adjustment, maintain skin! Sihai women's beauty and skin care recommended oily skin acne method, quickly try the latest internal adjustment and external Care Acne method!