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How to use whitening essence? Good use of whitening essence.

How to use the whitening essence? The best whitening essence is used. The complete whitening maintenance steps, if combined with whitening essence, will make your whitening cause twice the result with half the effort! So how to use whitening essence skillfully? Look at the following 4 strokes together with the porcelain muscle weave.

The first move: the best effect at night

Whitening essence usually contains pure Vc and other ingredients, and some substances are photosensitive. If they are exposed to sunlight, their efficacy will be greatly reduced. Therefore, it is recommended to use whitening essence every night. During the day, use moisturizing or oil control essence products as required.

The second recruit: whitening essence + weak spot combination use faster.

Cheeks are the most difficult spots to remove. So when using the full whitening essence, it is recommended that collocation should be combined with local cream, so that whitening can be more balanced and comprehensive.

The third step: whitening essence needs' mashup 'maintenance.

Whitening essence usually does not distinguish skin, but as the most critical step to replenish skin nutrition, the essence is essential. In addition to whitening, different skin types will also face a variety of other skin problems. For example, it is easy to get acne in summer, need to control oil, or skin aging needs to be repaired. While the whitening essence is whitening, tens of millions must also mix and match some other products according to the needs of their skin. Make a nursing plan suitable for your skin!

Fourth move: pressing technique can absorb faster

Many MM smear the essence directly on the face before finishing the whole face with a circle. This method does not apply to cream containing active ingredients or essence.

Unlike the rich texture of antiaging products, whitening essence is usually lighter, so massage is not conducive to the absorption of whitening essence. It is suggested to use the pressing technique to put the right amount of essence in the palm and follow the direction of lymphatic detoxification of the face. From the central axis of the nose to the sides, the entire face is divided into three parts, the forehead, cheeks and chin. Finally, you can use your palm's temperature to gently cover your cheeks and stay for a while to help absorb the essence.

How to use whitening essence? Good use of whitening essence use magic trick!