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How does summer skin moisturize?

Moisturizing and moisturizing is a required course for every beauty loving woman's skin care. How to moisturize and moisturize in summer naturally becomes a common topic for many beauties. How to moisturize skin in summer? The following skin moisturizing methods can make your skin tender!

1. Heated cleansing products

Clean your skin thoroughly

First of all, the right amount of facial cleanser should be squeezed out, then boiled with warm water, so as to effectively reduce irritation and maintain the acid protective film of skin itself. For those skin with poor water retention, this small action can play a good moisturizing effect!

Adding essential oil has better soothing effect

This method is put forward by some dermatologists. After washing face, directly apply the wet towel. In general, dry and hot skin after the sun with a cool towel after 2 minutes of simple application, you can achieve a good moisturizing and soothing effect, if you add a few drops of essential oil, you can also make the moisturizing effect better!

Water is the source of beauty

After finishing your face, moisturizing spray, make-up water, essence, moisturizing cream, moisturizing cream … … choose 2-3 of them to use. It is best to leave 30 seconds between each product for the skin, so that it can be fully absorbed, and the interval time between dry skin is better to be a little longer.

This mask is applied every day.

Next, you can try to soak the paper film with make-up water and wet compress the face for 3 minutes, so that the skin will become soft and full quickly. You can immediately apply some water lock cream to your face, so that you can keep your skin moist.